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Men’s Polo Shirts

It’s hard to have too many polo shirts in your closet. What makes these shirts so useful? Men’s polo shirts are worn so frequently because they are simply suitable for many occasions. Heading out for a round of golf? You’ll want to wear a polo. Going in for work on a casual Friday? A polo may be the right option. And you could wear another on Sunday while out on the town with family and friends. For many men, a polo shirt is their garment of choice most days of the week. Vintage 1946 is here to help you stock up with a wide selection of colors and styles.

Tucked or Not

One of the many ways in which polo shirts are versatile is seen in the fact that they can be worn tucked or untucked. When tucked in, a polo looks a bit more formal, especially when paired with a nice pair of trousers. For a casual option, untuck the polo and match it up with a pair of jeans or some khaki shorts. By adding a few men’s polos to your wardrobe, you’ll be gaining countless options that will help you dress yourself successfully day after day.

The Vintage 1946 Difference

Not having any luck finding shirts at your local department store that suit your style? You aren’t alone. Many men find they don’t love modern styles, which is why Vintage 1946 is the perfect place to browse. We think you will appreciate the vintage style we bring to the table. Yet you will still enjoy modern benefits like high-quality manufacturing and durability. Thanks for visiting. We hope to serve you soon!