About Us

At Vintage1946, we have a true passion for the outdoors and all the activities that go with it. Unfortunately, like most modern men, we often face the dreaded “time-crunch” that leaves us with little time for hiking, surfing, biking, (enter favorite outdoor activity here). We thought, "What if we created clothes that could actually SAVE you time?" and, "Why can't we have functionality and good design all in one product?" - good news; you can.
With every new season, we set out to develop clothes that embody versatility and performance. Hybrid shorts that allow you to go straight from surfing to lunch. Stretch twill pants designed for the morning hike that ends with a scramble to the office. And lightweight shirts perfect for layering during those seasonal transition months. Whatever you’re trying to fit into your schedule, don’t let your clothes stop you from achieving it. 
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