These Vintage Shirts Are Perfect For A Year Round Wardrobe!

When the temperature drops, do you have to abandon your vintage style? Of course not. In fact, there may be no better opportunity to show off a great outfit than in the vibrant colors and extra layers that come with autumn, winter, and early spring. If you’re hoping to build a year-round wardrobe with a unique vintage style, don’t miss these shirts from Vintage 1946!

Patterns: A Great Fit For Cooler Seasons

There’s something about patterns and autumn weather: the two just seem to go together. Checks, plaids, and tartans are ideal for these situations. And with the right colors, you can strike a picture-perfect note that will have you looking good until summer comes again and beyond.

Our Touch Finish Vintage Twill Shirt in brown is a great example of what a pattern can bring to your outfits. This shirt will bring a lot of character to any wardrobe as a feature piece. It can bring a pop of style and color as an under-layer, too!

You don’t have to stick to autumn colors, though. It’s a good idea to keep versatile colors in your wheelhouse so you can wear your favorite styles year-round. Our Touch Finish Vintage Twill Shirt In Blue is a strong demonstration of that kind of versatility. It features the same 100% cotton construction for comfort in layering but adds a completely different visual element to any outfit you’re putting together. And like the brown option, it also makes a strong feature piece when the weather’s still warm.

Stretch Canvas In Solid Colors

You don’t have to wear fun patterns with pops of contrasting colors to make an outfit work. It’s just as effective to wear out Stretch Canvas shirts that come with solid colors. Although there are hints of contrast with the insides of the sleeves, these shirts can bring a more muted presence to any outfit, which in turn makes it easy to layer with other items in your year-round wardrobe.

Consider our Stretch Canvas Woven Shirt In Fatigue Green. This is a great example of a mostly-cotton shirt (with some spandex included for stretchiness) that won’t add a lot of bulk or heft to an outfit. That keeps it comfortable and breathable, even when you wear it with other items like a jacket.

For an even more versatile option, you might want to consider the same Stretch Canvas Woven Shirt In Navy Blue. Navy is a color that works with a wide range of other colors, so it should be easy to match with any other piece in your wardrobe.

More From Vintage 1946

Put these vintage shirts together and you’ll have a year-round wardrobe capable of handling just about any climate and season. But you don’t have to stop there when it comes to vintage style. We offer a wide variety of Vintage 1946 woven shirts you can use for layering, style, and comfort!