Top Winter Outfits for College Students

When college students shop for winter outfits, they need three things: warmth to keep classroom distractions to a minimum, style for making a great first impression, and affordability. But is it possible to have all three? We at Vintage 1946 are conscious of the unique challenges to dressing warmly and stylishly during the winter college season. That’s why we’ve put together these top winter outfits for college students that are highly versatile, comfortable, and of course, and fashion-forward.

Change it Up

If you’re going to wear an outfit that’s ready to take on cooler weather, then it helps to wear pants that will keep you warm. We recommend trying these Dusty Silver Stretch Corduroy Pants. This is also a great way to mix in something besides khaki and navy into your wardrobe. The only question is, what should you wear up top?

We have you covered there, as well. Try our Drop Needle Quarter Zip in Hunter Green. This long-sleeve option is a 60/40 cotton/poly blend that adds rich texture to contrast with the corduroy. It also provides plenty of warmth without sacrificing breathability. It will be comfortable enough for the classroom while keeping you warm on the walk to and from class.

Military Twill for All Seasons

Military twill is a surprisingly versatile fabric. It’s 100% cotton and highly breathable, which would make you think that it’s suited mainly for summer. But the versatility means that it’s appropriate for cooler seasons as well, particularly when you pair it with a good pair of warm socks. If you want to try just one pair of military twill pants, we recommend going with our most versatile option to stretch your dollar: Military Twill in Navy.

What do you pair with this? The most immediate answer is “anything you want.” This could be anything from a collegiate sweatshirt to a heavy winter jacket. However, we also think that our Frosted Fleece would provide a great combo, as its texture will be a nice textural counterpoint to the orderliness of the Military Twill. Not only will the colors contrast each other perfectly, but the overall appearance of the outfit will help the Frosted Fleece “pop.”

Warm Up with a Vest

No matter what you’re wearing to class, if you need a quick dose of added comfort and warmth, you can’t go wrong with a vest. Take our Polar Fleece Vest in Pirate Black for example. It’s versatile, comfortable, and can be paired with just about anything. Stick with corduroy and use Stretch Corduroy in Marine to offer a textural component that will have your outfit winter-ready. The blue and black combination is an all-seasons combination that can also pair with plenty of other colors.

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