What to Wear with Joggers for Men

Joggers are phenomenally comfortable. Although they were initially created as workout clothing, they’ve become highly trendy for streetwear attire. Unfortunately, it’s easy to look frumpy when you wear them if you aren’t sure how to style them properly. So what should you wear with joggers, especially if you still want to look decent or pull off an “effortlessly stylish” appearance? Let’s take a closer look at what to wear with men’s joggers.

Joggers and Jackets

When paired with the right jacket color, joggers can look more smart-casual vs. lazy.

For example, pair these gray joggers from Vintage 1946 with a hoodie or dark-colored jacket. Of course, you can always opt for a nicer jacket, like a lapel coat. Then, complete the look with leather sneakers. But remember, joggers are casual by default; try not to wear anything too fancy, or your outfit may appear more awkward than stylish.


Joggers and Long-Sleeves

Joggers naturally go well with long sleeves, too. Long-sleeve shirts like sweaters, Henleys, and anything in between look just right when combined with your favorite joggers.

This look can be ideal for a brisk morning jog. If that’s the case, remember to wear a short-sleeve T-shirt underneath. Layers are the key to comfort when it comes to winter workouts. Strip them off when it’s too hot; put them on when it’s too cold. Blue joggers, like these Blue Ridge Joggers from Vintage 1946, look great when paired with a Henley—for example, this Stretch Jersey Crew Neck Henley.

Joggers and Short-Sleeves

That said, joggers can be paired with short sleeves, especially if you choose the right style and color. Generally, crew neck T-shirts are the way to go. Some ideal shirt colors include white, blue, or burgundy if you’re working with gray, blue, or black joggers.

Shoes to Wear with Joggers

You can’t forget shoes when it comes to wearing joggers in style. Generally, sneakers or other workout-ready shoes are your best bet. After all, joggers are universally associated with athleisure. So sneakers are a perfect fit, especially in white, gray, or black colors. We especially love the look of joggers rolled at the ankle with ankle socks and Adidas Superstars.

That said, you can also pair your joggers with your favorite sandals if the weather is warmer or you’re heading to the beach. You might not always be in the mood to wear shorts or swim trunks, and joggers can sometimes work as an alternative. Pair those joggers with athletic slides, like this pair by Nike, and your favorite sunglasses.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Speaking of sunglasses, you’ll want to combine your joggers with specific accessories to look your best. Sunglasses are perfect choices, especially if you wear your joggers outside when it is sunny and hot. We particularly love these aviators by Ray Ban.

But because of their casual nature, joggers also go well with other accessories, like bracelets, wristbands, and even necklaces (particularly if you want to cultivate that “surfer dude” vibe).

If you wear a watch, ensure it’s of the leather band variety. The more casual your watch is, the better. For example, a metallic timepiece will look too serious for joggers, but a relaxed and versatile black leather watch works perfectly.

Get the Look at Vintage 1946

All in all, there’s a lot you can wear with joggers if you want to bump up your casual style and look fantastic with minimal effort. Vintage 1946’s extensive selection of shirts and quarter zips are perfect for pairing with many joggers. Check them out today, or browse our selection of joggers to upgrade your wardrobe.

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