How to Wear a Fleece Vest in Style


A fleece vest is one of the most convenient layers you can add to any outfit. That mean it’s no surprise that many people don’t think too hard about what to wear with it! But, if you do want to incorporate a fleece vest into a stylish outfit, you’ll find no shortage of options. We have a few ideas created with Vintage 1946 apparel that could suit you well. Here’s how to wear a fleece vest in style!

Contrasting Colors: Indigo and Gray


One of the best ways to make sure your vest pops is to wear a smart, conservative color underneath. The contrasting colors (as well as textures) will highlight the quality of the vest. But there’s no reason you have to opt for low quality on the bottom layers, either.

By pairing our vibrant Polar Fleece Vest in Mood Indigo with the Space Dyed Jersey in Henley Charcoal, we’re able to create something unique. This is a great way for a man to wear something smart and conservative without washing out the colors into something bland. The result is plenty of warmth, comfort, and style.

For the Outdoors: Pirate Black and Hunter


If the two colors sound like competing professions rather than colors, that’s because this is an outfit constructed for an active lifestyle. After all, one of the appeals of wearing a fleece vest is that you can give yourself a quick blast of comfort and style when you head outdoors, even when it’s cool.

The contrasting colors of the Polar Fleece Vest in Pirate Black and the Drop Needle in Henley Hunter provide an interesting dimension to your look. These would both also pair well with gray, black, or navy pants, which includes denim. And, one of the most appealing parts of the Drop Needle Henley is that you can wear it as a feature piece any time you don’t need to wear the vest. It’s athletic enough for the outdoors, but stylish enough that you can wear it to indoor occasions without missing a beat.

For All Occasions: Iron Gate and Oatmeal


To be fair, we’re cheating with the Henleys—they’re incredibly easy to layer with fleece vests. So if you want to break out of the mold and try something a little more casual, the Drop Needle Crew Neck in Oatmeal is a great way to add some visual appeal to your outfit. The contrast stitching with the oatmeal shirt adds to the complexity of the outfit. That’s why it’s good to pair two versatile, conservative colors together by layer it with the Polar Fleece Vest in Iron Gate. That touch of contrast helps complete the outfit.

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