Vintage Style Men’s Weekend Clothes

Your friend calls. Your weekend is free, and you’ve just received an invite to go hang out with great company at a beach house. So far, so good. The only catch? You have to decide whether to go right here and now—and you only have ten minutes to pack. Do you have a wardrobe full of men’s weekend clothes to get you out the door in style? If not, here’s a list of great vintage style options to get you ready to go!

Shorts: Keep It Simple

Let’s start with the bottom half of your weekend wardrobe: the shorts.

  • Snappers 7” Pull-On Shorts are ideal for quick packing. Not only do they take up less space than their larger counterparts, but they’re easy for changing in and out of as the circumstances of your weekend change. You can even pack a couple of colors to mix things up and ensure you’ll have plenty to wear all weekend long.
  • Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts are perfect if you want something a little bit “dressier”—but still want shorts. These are a timeless classic, but they come in all sorts of “fun” weekend colors, just like the Snappers. Think of these as shorts you can wear with a belt and button-down for heading out to a nice restaurant in the evenings.

Should you pack both? Either/or? It’s really up to you and the circumstances of your weekend trip. But one thing is clear: these shorts are versatile enough to wear all weekend long without taking up a lot of space in your bag.

Pants: Be Prepared

A good pair of Stretch Twill Pants is ideal men’s weekend clothing. The stretchy, part-cotton-part-spandex fabric looks and feels as good as it sounds, but it also offers a bit of a more athletic feel than your standard pair of twill pants. That means you can wear these pants for all sorts of activities, even the ones you didn’t know you were getting into. And because Stretch Twill looks just as good for more formal events like sitting down at a restaurant or evening get-togethers with friends, you’ll have no problem fitting in.

Shirts: Dress for the Weather

If you pack the right way, you might only need two or three shirts for the entire weekend. The key is dressing for the weather. Since you don’t have much time in our hypothetical scenario, here are the basics:

  • Bring a top layer if it’s supposed to be cold. If the trip is for a “cabin up north” rather than a beach house, you might do better with a layer you can take off, such as this Block Knit Cardigan.
  • Dress light (with long sleeves) if you’re not sure. Long sleeves can always be rolled up if it’s hotter than you expected. This Heathered Henley in Light Grey is a great example of a light piece that can handle the heat.

More Great Choices

Want more great items that will make packing for an impromptu weekend trip that much easier? Keep browsing the collections here at Vintage 1946.