Expand Your Vintage Shorts Wardrobe with 5 Colorful Selections

White, blue, khaki. You might have plenty of shorts for the sake of versatility, but do you really have all of the warm-weather options you could use? If you want to expand your vintage shorts wardrobe, try exploring some bold colors and patterns you might not have considered before. Here are some of our favorites!

For the Patriots: Americana Color Block

There may be no pair of shorts that will get you as many compliments as the Americana Color Block shorts. Why? It’s perfect for summertime use—especially around the 4th of July holiday—and it’s a pair of shorts with plenty of character no matter when you’re wearing them. After all, it’s kind of hard to argue about color choices with someone who sticks with the old red, white, and blue.

For the Fashion-Forward: Madras in Pink

Maybe you already have plenty of red, white, and blue, in your wardrobe. If you want to expand your repertoire, it doesn’t hurt to throw some other colors in the mix, either. The Authentic Madras in Pink does the same thing. Although pink is certainly one of the highlights of the shorts, the unique design incorporates other pastel colors that blend perfectly with the theme. The overall result is a light, summery pair of shorts that will fit with a range of tops, accessories, and shoes.

For the Vacationer: Tropical Print Shorts

There’s nothing quite like a unique print to separate your shorts from the crowd. Case in point: these Tropical Print Shorts. Like the other shorts on our list, it’s made from 100% cotton, so you know it will be breathable and comfortable—which is perfect for a subtropical vacation. But these shorts can break up the monotony of the standard shorts back home, too, giving you a fun option that’s great for pool parties and barbecues alike.

For a Classic Look: Authentic Madras in Light Blue

This is a unique pair of shorts, combining a bold pattern—madras—with more conventional colors. The effect of the Authentic Madras in Light Blue is that it still breaks up the everyday look you might have during the warmer months, but it’s also a little more conventional and versatile when it comes to wearing them indoors. 

For the Southern Style: Charleston Brick

Maybe you want a splash of color in your wardrobe, but you’re not so hot on the patterns listed above. Then Charleston Brick shorts might be the right choice for you. These classic vintage twill 7” shorts have a unique color outside of the khaki-navy continuum, but they’re not so bold that you’ll look out of place, either. The inside pattern provides a nice bit of contrast and some extra color to highlight the shorts and separate them from anything else you have in your repertoire.

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