Unique Vintage Shorts You Haven't Tried—But Should

Sometimes, you need a quick pair of shorts to put on without thinking. That convenience can be worth a lot. But when you show up and find out that you’re wearing the same outfit as everyone else—well, that’s not exactly worth the convenience. If that scenario rings true to you, maybe it’s time to expand your horizons. We offer plenty of unique vintage shorts here at Vintage 1946. Look and feel great, and differentiate your style from the rest.

Here are a few suggestions for unique vintage shorts you haven’t tried—but should!

Stretch Poplin Shorts

Want to venture into new territory without losing sight of your old style? You don’t have to. With Stretch Poplin Shorts, you’ll have plenty of familiar style with a slight difference when it comes to texture and performance.

The secret is the combination of cotton with spandex. Cotton keeps the shorts plenty breathable while the spandex adds an element of durability and “stretch” that makes them more athletic. This is great for outdoor events, get-togethers, and any situation that might call for something besides sitting.

Try our Stretch Poplin in Navy to try a different style of short than you might be used to. If you like a little added performance, we think you’ll like what you see.

Gurkha Hybrid Shorts

When you wear shorts with slightly different texture than you’re used to, it helps make an outfit “pop.” That’s certainly the case with our Gurkha Hybrid Shorts. These shorts use a combination of polyester and added spandex for an ideal combination of durability and stretch. The result is a casual texture that you can sneak into just about any outfit.

Try our Gurkha Hybrid in Grey to break out of the “khaki rut” while still maintaining a conservative overall look. But if you want something that adds a little more spice to your usual outfits, there are plenty of other shorts to try, including…

Authentic Madras Shorts

Now we’re off the beaten path! Yet even with the patch madras design of these Authentic Madras Shorts in Blue, you’ll find enough familiar about these unique vintage shorts to enjoy them in a variety of situations. While the design and color are great for summertime and vacationing, the 9” inseam leaves plenty of coverage for sit-down events and the 100% cotton fabric will be both familiar and comfortable no matter where you go. This is a great pair of shorts for pairing with solid colors and plenty of accessories, as well.

Stretch Snappers

Is a 9” inseam too long? Then go in the other direction. Stretch Snappers feature short inseams for the hottest summer days. The fun pastel colors can add some spice to your wardrobe as well.

Want to mix things up? There are plenty of unique vintage shorts available at Vintage 1946 for just about every occasion—from casual and fun to more formal events. As long as you pair your fashion know-how with quality pieces from Vintage 1946, you can’t go wrong.