Unique Men's Clothing From Vintage 1946

Button-up, khakis, shoes. If that sounds like 90% of the men’s outfits you see, you’re not alone. Today’s men’s fashion tends to be consistent. Another way of putting it: predictable. What if you have a more unique fashion sense, but don’t want to break away from classic American clothes? Then it’s time for you to find unique men’s clothing that fits the times—and your personality. Here are some of the unique clothes you’ll find at Vintage 1946.

Stretch Twill Pants

Most men tend to wear jeans or khakis anywhere they go. A casual get-together? Jeans. A more formal event? Khakis. There’s nothing wrong with having a go-to uniform to cut down on the clutter in your wardrboe. But it also has a tendency to become stale if you don’t first pick the unique pieces that feel right for your wardrobe.

The solution? Stretch Twill Pants. Pants like our Sunny Stretch Twill Pants in Dark Denim are every bit as occasion-appropriate as anything else you’ll see. But they have that extra oomph of uniqueness that’s hard to put a finger on. Simply switching these out for your usual denim pants is a great way to incorporate some unique men’s clothing without straying too far off the beaten path.

Seersucker Shorts

Predictability is not limited to men’s pants. In the summer heat, shorts are just as predictable, especially khaki shorts. You can add something unique to your wardrobe with Seersucker Shorts.

Why is seersucker so great? For one, the dimpled texture will provide a great appearance for your shorts, separating you from the usual cotton khaki-wearing crowd. Plus, seersucker’s unique texture helps prevent the fabric from sticking to your skin, which means you’ll have more air moving around in the hot weather. Seersucker shorts offer a great look and serve a practical function in the summer, giving you an excuse to try something new and enjoy every minute of it.

Stretch Canvas Shirts

The usual button-down shirt is a great thing to have in your wardrobe. But when it becomes too predictable, what else can you wear? Are there any other casual options that might suit the same purpose without you having to look like everyone else in the room?

If you want to try something new, consider Stretch Canvas Shirts. For example, our Stretch Canvas Shirt in Woven Fatigue Green is a prime example of a shirt that looks smart enough to fit in with a wide variety of situations, but includes some nice subtle differences for a truly unique style. The contrast pattern underneath the cuffs, for example, provides a great visual touch.

More From Vintage 1946

You don’t have to look far to find unique men’s clothing—you’re already here. Simply add a few classic Vintage items to your wardrobe that can replace those items you already wear, and you’ll find that your entire wardrobe is the better for it!

January 15, 2019 by Vintage 1946
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