Ultimate Guide for Styling Deck Shoes

If you plan on wearing deck shoes, this is your guide. Also known as boat shoes,  this footwear offers versatility and a timeless look. Typically, these were used for coastal walks or anything related to that. However, with modern fashion evolving quite frequently, they can be worn every other day and mixed with different styles. This guide will show you how to style deck shoes in the best way possible. 

You don't have to go boating to wear deck shoes, yet you can rock a certain style that will match them perfectly. Let's get right to it and show you how. 

What are Deck Shoes? 

Deck shoes were designed for boating, and one of their best features is the non-marking rubber soles. These have been used for excellent grip and great water resistance. The design is inspired by moccasins, but they have laces that will ensure better security. The deck shoes also have leather materials, so they can be durable for a long period of time. 

How to Choose the Right Pair? 

Choosing a pair of deck shoes could be a challenge when you're considering them. The good news is that we have some tips to help you make things easier. Here's what you need to know: 

  • Material: We highly recommend that you look for high-quality leather. Not only is it durable, but it can also age quite well. Another material to consider is suede. The caveat, however, is that it will require more care compared to its leather counterpart. 
  • Color: In terms of color, we highly suggest that you select neutral tones such as brown, tan, gray, or navy. These colors are versatile and can also match any outfit you choose.   If you want a bold color, you can never go wrong with white or bright blue. Regardless, you might also want to consider a pair of bottoms that will match it perfectly. Check out a pair of Vintage 1946's Performance Belted Cargo Shorts and see if they match these boat shoes. 
  • Fit: You want to ensure your boat shoes are snug and comfortable. Make sure that it fits perfectly around the heel. Secure and tight are two different things. So remember this as you try on other pairs. Don't tie them too tight, as it can cause more discomfort than you want.  

Styling Deck Shoes 

So now you know what deck shoes are and how you can choose the right pair, it's time to look at styling them. We will give you a few different ideas for the look you want. Here's a look at the following:  

Casual look 

If you're looking for something relaxed and great for everyday style, the Casual look with boat shoes could be the best option. We highly recommend that you go for neutral chinos -  specifically navy, khaki, or gray. Any of these colors will ensure a classic look. If you want shorts for warm weather, we suggest a few options, including Vintage 1946's Performance Solid Windjammer Hybrid shorts. 

Smart casual 

Maybe smart casual is your thing. If so, consider dark-colored dress pants with a button-down shirt. You could wear your boat shoes with no-show socks. This specific design of socks will provide a clean but comfortable look. 

Summer wear 

Deck shoes are perfect for the summer months. You may also want to consider wearing them with a pair of swim shorts. If you're looking for something lightweight and breathable, wear linen pants. Put them together, and you have perhaps one of the best options for summer wear for outdoor activities and events. 

Final Thoughts 

Your deck shoes in the style that fits you best will be the perfect match for you. They are, without question, some of the most stylish shoes you can ever find on the market. The good news is that you can see the best clothes matching them. That's where Vintage 1946 offers some of the best, whether it's a casual look or even something to wear in the summertime. 

If you have deck shoes but don't have the right clothes to match them, we've got you covered. Check out what Vintage 1946 has to offer today.