Twill Khaki Pants & More Colors from Vintage 1946

To spruce up a men’s wardrobe, there may be no better option than a great pair of Vintage Twill Pants. Twill is a versatile and comfortable fabric weave perfect for a variety of seasons—and it’s available in colors that run the gamut from conservative to bold. But putting together an outfit with a classic pair of twill khaki pants (or a more adventurous color) can require a little more thought than with, say, the same old denim. Here’s are some great options and a brief outfit guide for pairing different colors of with items you may already own in your wardrobe.

For Versatility: Twill Khaki Pants

Perhaps the most versatile color in your entire wardrobe will be khaki. It's a classic for a reason. These Khaki Twill Pants are no exception. You’re free to choose just about any combination you like, including building up a suit with a Navy Blazer to match.

The great part about versatility is that it also works “up” or “down”—as in, you can dress these pants up or down as much as you like. With a polo, you’ll have an outfit that’s a little more casual than business casual. With a jacket and tie, you’re ready for the next sales meeting. Khaki does just as well with anything in between, so consider making the Khaki option your first purchase.

For Spring and Summer Color: Sky Twill Pants

The light pastel color of Sky Twill Pants can work year-round depending on the climate, but it is particularly suited for bright sunny days. Pair it with white for some heat resistance in the dog days of summer, or match it with a sweater if the mercury hasn’t quite risen yet.

Like many other Twill pants, these can easily be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Because the “Sky” color opens up the palette a little bit, you’ll also find that it’s fun to pair a tie that complements the wide-open palette of your outfit.

For Any Day of the Week: Charleston Brick

A little heartier than salmon, a little more pastel than red—there’s really no categorizing Charleston Brick other than pointing out that it may be the go-to Twill Pant color of the Charleston style. Charleston Brick is light and fun without detracting from an outfit’s formality, which is a rare achievement for pant colors. Think of Charleston Brick as perhaps the most versatile option among the more fashion-forward options on this list.

For the Undecided Dresser: White Twill Pants

Finally, if you’re terrible at picking out what to wear in the morning, White Twill Pants can rescue you from just about any fashion conundrum. They pair well with just about any color and are appropriate in any situation—casual, business, formal, etc. Think of White Twill Pants as a way of “cheating” with your outfit. Except the fashion police aren’t going to fine you for it.

There are even more colors available in our Vintage Twill Pants collection. Find your favorite and shop today!