Top Winter Colors for Men's Fashion

Let’s be honest, men—you don’t’ always feel like you have a lot of options for wearing bold colors. This is especially true in winter, when the options at the store seem to be limited to khaki, blue, and black. But the truth is, winter can be one of the most colorful seasons in men’s fashion. You simply need to layer different hues and experiment with bold patterns like plaid. However, you may be wondering which colors actually work well in winter. Here are the top winter colors for men’s fashion for you to try out this season.


What comes to mind when you think about winter? The white colors of snow? The red around the holidays? Of course, there’s also festive green—or “hunter”—that’s even versatile enough to be worn all year. Take our Drop Needle Quarter Zip in Hunter Green for example. It would fit in with the holiday season without missing a beat, but it wouldn’t look out of place in January, February, March, or April, either.

There’s also the opportunity to experiment with different shades of green during the winter. Army Green, for example, makes for a subtle difference that can still be appropriate during wintertime.

Light Brown

Brown is a fine winter color, but there’s a shade of brown that often gets ignored during winter, even if it works well for spring and autumn as well—light brown. Too many men make the mistake of assuming that they have to wear stark colors during winter. But light brown has great character all its own, which makes it great for layering during winter.

Consider our Frosted Fleece Quarter Zip in light brown. This provides a unique textural counterpoint to the usual clothes you wear, like simple denim jeans or khaki pants. In addition, the color is interesting without having to be bright and in-your-face. All in all, this is truly a stylish winter piece that can be layered with anything that’s in your wardrobe.


How many men look at their color options for winter and say they’ll go with indigo? While the color may seem strangely suited for the season, our Polar Fleece Vest in Indigo shows how it serves to highlight an outfit without making it too bright or even monochromatic.

This is great for layering, as it offers a “muting” aspect to bold hues while also presenting a complementary color itself. That means that you can use it as a versatile vest to add contrast to an outfit or to simply mix up the colors for something wholly original.

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Don’t make the mistake of assuming that winter is not a great time to experiment with fun, different colors. Any of these top winter colors for men’s fashion might are sure to bring another dimension to your wardrobe during the winter. If you want to find more great colors you can wear this season, browse Vintage 1946 for great outerwear, shirts, and pants that will keep you looking stylish!