Swim Trunks vs Windjammers: What’s the Difference?

Summer is around the corner. You might be looking for something that you can wear during a day at the beach or a day in town when the weather is warm. Swim trunks and windjammers are two of the best clothing options for warm-weather activities. Which one is the better fit for you? 

This guide will cover the significant differences between the two. Knowing these differences will help you make a more informed decision when shopping for one or the other. Let's dive right in and give you the details you need. 

What Are Swim Trunks? 

Swim trunks have long been a staple for men's swimwear. They are designed specifically for swimming and other water activities. This can include playing beach volleyball or catching the waves surfing. So, what are swim trunks made from, and how can they be used accordingly? Let's take a look at the following: 

Design and Features 

Material: Swim trunks have lightweight, quick-drying material. This includes, but is not limited to, polyester or nylon. These fabrics are unique because they are comfortable and can dry fast. For these reasons, they will be great for water-based activities. Even though we are talking about the differences between swim trunks and windjammers, the latter happens to have fast-drying materials. This also includes Vintage 1946's Performance Solid Windjammer Hybrid shorts. 

Length: Not all swim trunks are created equal. One major reason is the length. That's because swim trunks come in a variety of lengths. You can choose from something mid-thigh or just above the knee. Either way, you'll have better freedom of movement and even greater flexibility compared to certain types of shorts. 

Lining: One of the most common features of swim trunks is the mesh lining. It is designed to provide comfort while swimming and additional support. 

Pockets: A pair of swim trunks could have pockets, but they're there for convenience. Even though they are typically designed for storing items, they can also be used as drainage holes. They are usually lined with mesh to ensure water doesn't build up. 

How to Style and Use Swim Trunks 

Swimming trunks can easily be styled since they come in different colors and patterns. You'll have excellent versatility to express yourself, especially when enjoying water activities. You can wear this with your favorite T-shirt or a lightweight button-down or without a shirt. Whether at the beach, the pool, or participating in water-related activities, swim trunks are comfortable and provide you with plenty of functionality. 

What Are Windjammers? 

Also known as board shorts, windjammers are knee-length shorts that provide perfect versatility. If you surf or engage in other water sports, these could fit you well. If you're interested, let us remind you that we offer our Performance Solid Windjammer Hybrid shorts from Vintage 1946. Let's discuss a bit some of the details you need to know about them: 

Design and Features 

Like swim trunks, windjammers are made from lightweight, quick-drying materials. While that's not necessarily a difference, we should note this again. But let's focus on how they differ, shall we? Let's begin with the length. 

As mentioned, the windjammer shorts are knee-length. Sometimes, they might be slightly below the knees. Regardless, the length will provide plenty of coverage and protection during water sports activities. Another thing that windjammers need is the mesh lining that swim trunks possess. However, they have a fixed waistband that features a drawstring to ensure a secure and adjustable fit. 

One of its cool features is the zippered pockets. These will serve you well in the long run if you want to secure small items while engaging in water sports. Windjammers can help you enjoy your day at the beach with plenty of comfort and movement, so you won’t have to worry about feeling restricted. 

The real question is - can you go swimming in these? You can if you want to. If you’re looking to take a dip in the pool on a hot summer day, you can do so even if you’re wearing windjammers instead of shorts. After all, there isn’t a written rule that says you can’t swim in water in any shorts other than swim trunks. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know the difference between swim trunks and windjammers, it's time to decide which will be the best fit for you. If you're leaning toward the windjammers, we suggest you check out what Vintage 1946 offers. Check out what we have in our store today for summertime style and more.