Stylish Olive Green Outfit Ideas for Men

Navy, khaki, white, black. Rinse, repeat. It’s a recipe for a versatile wardrobe, to be sure, but it can also get a little monotonous if you never try anything else. That’s why Vintage 1946 always offers a wide range of colors that can enhance your wardrobe and give you something interesting to wear. Today, we’re featuring olive green: one of the most versatile colors in your wardrobe that isn’t some version of khaki. Here are some great stylish olive green outfit ideas for men.

Wearing an Olive Green Henley


Let’s start with one of the best canvases for the color of olive green: the Henley. Specifically, this Rib Olive Henley. You’ll notice that it’s a classic Henley with some subtle touches, like the stitching underneath the buttons, to help elevate its style into something even more unique. With a cotton/polyester blend of 60/40, it’s also breathable and comfortable enough to wear as its own piece or with other layers.

The only question: what should you wear with it?

If you want to stick to earthy colors, we think that this bright Classic Vintage Twill pant in Dijon is a nice pairing. Both of the colors will go nicely with brown shoes and accessories, helping you pull an outfit together that’s far from your basic khakis or jeans ensemble, but still familiar and comfortable.

Wearing Olive Green in Stripes


Of course, Olive Green isn’t always so clear and obvious. With this Jacquard Stripe Henley in Gothic Olive, olive isn’t necessarily the primary color. That opens up your options for pairing. Since this is a long sleeve, you’ll generally be pairing with a set of trousers rather than shorts, although you can always bend the rules if the weather’s not quite warm and not quite cool.

Our recommendation? Military Twill goes well with the “sailor” vibe of this shirt, so our Military Twill in Navy will provide a matching color without repeating anything going on in the Henley.

Matching with a Quarter Zip


Henleys can make an easy match. But what if you’re matching with a quarter zip like our Stretch Jersey Quarter Zip?

For starters, you have to think practically. A quarter zip generally means cooler weather, which is why our stretch corduroy pants go so well here. You’ll enjoy a fun color combination when you choose our Stretch Corduroy in Bark.

Matching the Classic Tee


What if you want something simpler, like our Negative Slub Crew Neck in Capulet Olive? Here’s where our shorts can really shine. Keeping in mind the color palette presented by olive green, we think that you can’t go wrong with a Classic Vintage Twill short in White. White, after all, will go with anything—and it works as a great canvas to make the color you’re wearing in your t-shirt pop even more.

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