Shorts In Cold Weather – 3 Recommendations From Vintage 1946

When summer arrives, it doesn’t always arrive in earnest. Depending on where you live, you may get the occasional gust of cool air—or a downright cool streak of sub-70 degree weather. If you’ve already switched to shorts for most days you spend outdoors this summer, you don’t necessarily have to abandon your strategy. Just know what shorts to wear when the unexpectedly cool weather does arrive. Thinking of wearing shorts in cold weather? Here are a few of our recommendations.

Stretch Twill Flat Front Shorts

The key here is length. 7” is about as short as you want to go on weather-versatile shorts like these, and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you try Sunny Stretch Twill in Charleston Brick. Pairing these shorts with a long-sleeve tee, long-sleeve polo, or sweatshirt can give you a lot more warmth than you might have imagined—and it doesn’t mean you have to give up on wearing one of your favorite summer staples.Stretch Twill is made out of cotton, giving you plenty of breezy material for warm summer days. But since they’re not too short, they also double as substantial shorts that can help you out when the weather gets a little too far on the breezy side.

Adding Some Length with Classic Vintage Twill

If 7” seems a little short to you, you’re not alone. Some people like some extra length for their shorts even on the warmer days—and that’s why we offer 9” Classic Vintage Twill shorts.

The added length here is the obvious reason these shorts will keep you feeling good on an extra-breezy summer day. But there’s another consideration here: the 9” inseam might actually look like a better fit depending on your silhouette. If you have long legs or simply want to balance out your outfit, switching to shorts like these 9” Classic Vintage Shorts in Garnet can be a great way to shake things up.

What If You’re Already Wearing Short Shorts?

Let’s say you didn’t anticipate a cold weather day, so you instead put on a pair of Snappers when it was still sunny out. Now you’re trapped outdoors at an event and the weather isn’t doing you any favors. Are you plain out of options?

Depending on your individual preferences, you can always pack an extra pair of shorts in a duffel bag—especially if you take frequent trips to the gym. Keeping a pair of high performance shorts in your car is great for a quick change at the gym, but probably won’t do you too many favors when it comes to keeping out of the breeze.

If you’re unsure about the weather, try going for a 9” Classic Vintage Twill in Tan. Not only is the color versatile, but the shorts themselves will be versatile enough to handle a wide range of different weather conditions. And don’t forget to keep an extra layer handy—even if it’s just a windbreaker—to keep those cool breezes at bay.