Rugged Men's Clothing From Vintage 1946

What does it mean to be “rugged”? Part of it is your lifestyle. You enjoy the outdoors. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty. You wear what’s comfortable and if it happens to look nice, that’s just great.

But rugged men’s clothing is also a style in and of itself. And if you want to express that style, it helps to know what kind of rugged men’s clothing items you can add to your wardrobe. Here are a few style tips and rugged pieces from the Vintage 1946 collection.

Rugged Outdoorsmanship with a Twist: Military Twill

The original rugged outdoor pants just might be military twill. Sure, these pants are cotton, which means they’re light and breezy. But since they were originally designed with soldiers and guards who had to stay outdoors in hot weather in mind, they’re about as rugged as “nice” pants get.

These Military Twill pants in Classic Fit Khaki are Exhibit A. They’re formal enough to help you fit in when you head indoors, but they’re capable of handling hot days outdoors with an extra element of class. And you’d be surprised at how much they can handle when it comes to a rugged man’s lifestyle.

Staying Rugged and Staying Warm: Stretch Corduroy

What if you have to wear pants during a cooler season, but don’t want to lose that rugged style? Then we recommend switching over to Stretch Corduroy.

Stretch Corduroy Pants in Charcoal are a prime example of how you can dress rugged while still dressing warmly. The 98% cotton, 2% elastine construction gives the fabric some stretchiness, allowing you to stretch your outdoor legs as much as you like. And since the style is timeless, you’ll have no problem pulling off the “rugged” look with just about any top you already have in your wardrobe.

The Rugged Look Up Top: A Simple Henley

Of course, no rugged outfit is complete without a simple top to wear along with it. We recommend you start with this Microstripe Henley in Green. The design is simple, which makes it great for “rugged” layering, or you can wear it as a feature piece when you need to get some work done. The cotton-polyester blend is perfect for outdoor events where you need some added durability to go with all that breathability and comfort.

You’ll also notice that the “rugged” look really comes through in the vintage wash. It provides a look and texture to the Henley that goes beyond the usual shirt. It will feel lived-in, timeless, and classic.

Pulling Your Rugged Look Together

Imagine a “rugged” style and you might picture only plaids and flannels. But there’s a lot you can do to give your wardrobe some edge without relying on patterns. When you do it right, the textures and construction of your wardrobe can give off an effortlessly rugged vibe without making it too obvious.

Want more ideas for rugged men’s clothes? Keep browsing the available items here at Vintage 1946.