Men’s Woven Shirts: Add Color and Patterns to Your Outfits

If you’re a newbie in the world of style, the idea of adding bright colors and interesting patterns can be daunting. Although bolder dressers might look at our Men’s Woven Shirts and see endless opportunity, others may look at the same shirts and wonder, “what would I even wear with those?”

But if you want to add color and patterns to your wardrobe, don’t fret. Putting together brighter, more interesting outfits is an easy skill to master, especially once you know how to make the best use of our men’s woven shirts.

Rules for Adding Colors and Patterns to Your Wardrobe

If you lean on the fashion-conservative side, then chances are that you like solid colors. You stick to browns, khakis, blues, and whites. It’s time to mix it up a bit. But don’t worry—we’ll start with baby steps:

  • Try just one patterned piece at a time. Maybe you wear a Men’s Woven Shirt from Vintage with a pair of jeans or keep it under a simple sweater. For now, just try and see how you like wearing patterns and brighter colors. If any particular combinations really seem to bring your wardrobe to life, repeat them every so often.
  • Start with the patterns you like. If you want to stay conservative, the Oxford Washed Gingham Navy shirt features bold contrasts in a ubiquitous pattern. It’s perfectly conservative while adding a little bit of life to your outfit.
  • Buy one item that you wouldn’t normally wear. This article is all about trying something new, after all. If you like the look of the Oxford Washed Plaid Coral shirt even though you don’t normally wear plaid, give it a try and see if it doesn’t feel “normal” after just a week.

Once you get the hang of patterns and colors in your outfits, it can be tempting to try too much at once. Here are some ways you can best avoid that.

Avoid “Clashing” With Men’s Woven Shirts

Even the most conservative dressers among us can pull off new colors and textures without having to worry about clashing. But only if you stick to the following rules:

  • Don’t pair patterns. It’s possible to mix and match patterns if you really know what you’re doing in the wardrobe department. If not, it’s best to stick to solid colors with a splash of pattern, such as a simple Men’s Woven Shirt and jeans combination.
  • Know your woven shirt’s overall color. Sure, this Oxford Washed Plaid Hunter shirt has a multitude of colors. If you separated them all, you’d find they run the gamut. But what’s the overall visual impression of the shirt? It’s that deep olive, greenish color that serves as the shirt pattern’s background. When matching this woven shirt to other items in your wardrobe, keep that “overall” color in mind.
  • Mute a color or texture with an additional layer. A grey sweater over the Yarn Dyed Southern Plaid Medium Blue shirt will still give your outfit that splash of “oomf” it needs without going too loud—which is ideal for less casual situations that call for a more conservative outfit.

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Remember to browse our Men’s Woven Shirts section to find the patterned shirt that best fits your wardrobe. And don’t be afraid to try a shirt that’s a little out of your comfort zone. You may be surprised with the results.