Building A Men’s Winter Wardrobe – Three Items Every Man Should Have

No matter where you live, let’s be honest: the weather isn’t always perfect. If you live in a cold weather state, winter is a fact of life. If you live somewhere warm, you’ll occasionally have your cool days. No matter what, though, you’ll always need a second layer to handle what the winter months have to offer. To do that without sacrificing any of the style you’ve acquired, let’s look at three items that are key to building the perfect men’s winter wardrobe.

Cozy Cardigan Sweaters

Why a cardigan? Aside from its obvious points in the “warm” department, the cardigan is a stylish outer layer that pairs well with just about anything you could think to wear underneath it. That includes button-down shirts, T-shirts—you name it. Best of all, the cardigan can either zip or button up so you can wear it as its own featured piece in an outfit. Here are two suggestions:

  • Retro Cable Cardigan (Grolive). With patches on the elbows and an easy zip-up front, this cardigan is a great combination of vintage and modern. The front access pockets make it serve as a light jacket for cooler (but not freezing) days, and the color is versatile enough to pair with jeans, khakis, and more.
  • Block Knit Cardigan (Blue Graphite). You add more than just warmth with a cardigan like this—you also add texture to your outfit, which is great for those who love to wear solid color patterns and keep their wardrobe simple. Like the article above, this cardigan is in a versatile color that matches well with just about anything—including blue jeans.

A single cardigan can change your wardrobe for the better…but it will also keep you prepared for those unexpected cold days.

Stylish Pullovers

Although you might think of the pullover as a “cousin” of the cardigan when it comes to keeping you warm, the truth is that it’s a different article entirely. It’s a little more casual, a little more “wear-ready” when you want to put on something to hang out with friends or even head out for errands. But that doesn’t mean they’re not also versatile. Consider

  • 5 Gauge Pullover Denim. This simple-yet-subtle option is great for quickly putting over a T-shirt to give you the warmth you need while also giving your outfit some style points.
Why does a pullover belong in any quality men’s winter wardrobe? Easy: you need something you can throw on at a moment’s notice. Think of it as the casual alternative to the cardigan.

    Stretch Corduroy Pants

    Warmth isn’t only about the top of your outfit. Any of the Stretch Corduroy options here at Vintage 1946 will serve you well, adding some heft to your legs and ensuring that you trap more of the heat that keeps you comfortable. This is a great alternative to denim, especially if you live in areas so cold that even jeans won’t do the job.

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