A Quick Guide To Men’s Vintage Summer Shorts

You pull them up one leg at a time and head out. That’s all you need to know about wearing shorts in the summertime, right? Well, it’s a start. But there’s more to choosing the most stylish, comfortable options that will help you put together the right look. For some assistance, here’s everything you’ll need to know about men’s vintage summer shorts!

Length: A Matter Of Preference?

The most obvious difference between any two pairs of shorts—outside of color—tends to be the length. Length is that aspect of most shorts that many people don’t think about, but it can dramatically impact how the shorts feel and what kind of silhouette they give to your outfit. Here are a few examples for you to pick from:

  • Snapper Shorts, or “short” shorts, are among the shortest you’ll find. Because of that, they’re casual, airy, and ideal for hot days and get-togethers that won’t involve a lot of sitting down. In other words, these are fun, active shorts—and a breeze to put on.
  • 7” Shorts like these Classic Vintage Twill 7” Shorts in Burberry are a great example of a “medium” option. They’re still not too long, which reflects most peoples’ preferences for length and style, but not so long that they go over the knee and waste a lot of space.
  • The longest shorts you’ll find here at Vintage are these 5” Sunny Stretch Twill shorts. Long shorts tend to be more appropriate for occasions where you’ll be doing a lot of sitting—say, heading into a casual restaurant. But they’re also versatile enough to handle summer heat thanks to the next variable on our list: texture and fabric.

Texture & Fabric: What Your Shorts Are Made Of

Why do shorts feel so airy and comfortable? Part of it is their length. But they’re also designed to feel that way thanks to two factors: texture and fabric.

The type of fabric usually isn’t so important with shorts, as most rely on cotton or cotton weaves for a general “airy” feeling. You will, however, want to pay attention to the weave: for instance, these Classic Vintage Twill Shorts in Charleston Brick comes from a cotton twill weave that’s ideal for summer. It maximizes the openness of cotton while still giving the shorts some sartorial substance, making them both comfortable and situation-versatile.

Design: What Will You Pick?

After you know the factors above, it comes down to design. What do you like? Do you like solid-patterned flat front shorts so you can wear something smart and bold up top? Or do you like to mix things up with plaids & prints to make sure that your shorts always pop?

Whatever your choice, Vintage 1946 has the men’s summer vintage shorts options for you. Just browse our collections to find the shorts with the right length, texture, and design for your specific tastes.