Men’s Vintage Plaid Shirts: Throwback Fashion

If there’s anything that says “Men’s vintage clothing” like Plaid, we have yet to hear about it. Vintage plaid shirts are both classic and modern, giving you the best of both worlds—and it doesn’t hurt that they’re comfortable to wear, either. If you want to incorporate more men’s vintage plaid in your wardrobe, here are some of our best styles and fashion tips for pulling it off.

Know Your Plaids

“Plaid” refers to any type of fabric featuring a checkered or tartan clothing pattern. This is usually accomplished with straight lines, checks, and sharp, contrasting colors. But how do you distinguish one type of plaid from another? Here are the keys:

  • Tartan is a classic Scottish pattern with squares, rectangles, and straight lines. It often features three or more colors to achieve both contrast and harmony.
  • Checks are simple boxes of contrasting colors, often with white for contrast. Even checks that come in small patterns can be included here.
  • Gingham is a popular check pattern that creates a simple overall impression for the shirt. It works particularly well when layering with other shirts.

Most plaid shirts will fall into one of these three categories. The next step is knowing how to best pull them off.

Matching Clothes with Vintage Plaid Shirts

Take a look at our Oxford Washed Plaid in Red Coral. Would you classify this as a red shirt or as a blue shirt? The answer may be in the eye of the beholder, but it’s important that you pick one. Since we noted that this is “Red Coral,” it’s a good idea to pick the most striking color of the two and work from there.

Why is this answer so important? Because you’ll want to keep that color in mind as you pair the shirt with other items in your wardrobe. A red sweater over this shirt, for example, might mean that there’s not enough contrast between the layers. A grey sweater, on the other hand, will bring a visually “cooling” look to the outfit that makes the plaid stand out even more.

“Muting” Strong Plaids for Contrast

If you pick up this Yarn Dyed Southern Plaid in Navy Sky, you can wear it with a pair of jeans and enjoy a unique look. But what if the temperature is a little low and you need to add another layer? Use our tip from the previous step. This shirt is already strong enough to stand on its own. All you need to do is “mute” it for contrast with a simple black, navy blue, or even grey outer piece to really make it pop.

Plaids work particularly well when layering with a V-neck or crewneck sweater. Another option is to place them under a dark blazer. The solid patterns on the outside will highlight the plaid pattern while giving you a tailored, professional look.

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Now that you know how to pull it off, take a look at all of our woven shirts to find great vintage plaid pieces to enhance your wardrobe.