Three Advantages of Men's Twill Shorts

You look for every advantage in your wardrobe that you can, from insulating sweaters to stylish shoes. But one of the most common areas men forget to optimize is in the type of shorts they wear. Too often, men buy the cheapest shorts, only to find that they don’t last as long and don’t provide the kind of sturdiness that comes with wearing a pair of shorts week in and week out.

There are better options out there. We’d like to introduce you to three great advantages of men’s twill shorts.

Twill is Durable

When you find a good pair of shorts, you don’t want them to fall apart right away. You want them to last as long as possible. Splitting at the seams, loose threads, fading colors… they all mean that you have to find a new favorite pair.

Twill is a type of cotton weave that is extra-durable. In fact, it first gained major international popularity for its use in the military, thanks to its ability to beat the heat while withstanding the daily rigors of military life.

You may not need your shorts to withstand all of that, but this much is certain: when you switch to Twill shorts, they’re sure to last while handling regular use in the wash. That means saving money in the long-term when you don’t have to buy another pair of cheaper, poorly-constructed shorts.

Twill is Breathable

Even while maintaining its integrity, Twill can feel incredibly light when you wear them, allowing plenty of air to circulate so that you stay cool. That’s important for anyone wearing shorts, especially when the hot season starts to peak.

Why is Twill so breathable? It starts with the fabric itself: cotton. But Twill also enjoys a relatively sturdy construction style that doesn’t blow in the wind quite as easily as cheaper cotton fabrics. Although Twill is strong and durable, this sturdiness comes with a curiously strong way of keeping the clothing open and air circulating. That means if your shorts are open to the breeze, they’ll allow ventilation to do its cooling work.

Twill is Attractive

Finally, there’s something about the Twill texture that’s impossible to replace. If you want a pair of shorts that will last long and get you more fashion points along the way, then Twill is a great choice. Its textured, slightly “bumpy” look means that it doesn’t have the same bland look as other fabric weaves that are typically used in shorts.

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In all, Twill shorts provide access to quality material that keeps you comfortable, stays strong even after repeated washing, and continues to give you a good look when paired with other quality clothing in your wardrobe. Shop Men’s Twill Shorts from Vintage 1946 today! And if you were wondering, yes, Twill also makes for great men’s pants as well.

February 28, 2017 by Vintage 1946
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