5 Reasons to Add a Men’s Sweater or Cardigan to Your Wardrobe

“It’s cold outside. Take a sweater.” They’re words everyone hears at some point—usually from a grandmother or some other concerned family member. But rather than torture your grandmother by wearing a T-shirt when the weather goes below 60 degrees, maybe it’s time to explore the possibility of adding a quality sweater or cardigan to your wardrobe.

No, it’s not always going to be 70 degrees and sunny.

In short, Grandma’s right. True, if you live in southern California, you might be able to get away without a sweater for most of the year. In other parts of the country, the same is true. But even in the places where weather is all-sunny-all-the-time, you never know when a cold streak is going to hit.

Simply put, a sweater or cardigan is the essential go-to piece for a cold day. You’ll be a lot more comfortable in a Retro Cable Cardigan than even a long-sleeve T-shirt or pullover. In some climates, it’s like an umbrella—you only use it when you need it. In others? Essential.

Men’s sweaters and cardigans add a new dimension to your wardrobe.

Sick of the same old jeans-and-buttoned-shirt combo? Mixing it up starts with trying new things. But more importantly, you might try new layers. A sweater or cardigan adds a completely new element to your outfits. You can go a step beyond mere shoes-and-belt matching to really try out some new color palettes.

Even better, sweaters can have a “muting” effect that ties an outfit together. Imagine all you can pull off when you wrap your outfit in this 7 Gauge Retro Cardigan. Using a cardigan as a solid foundation for your outfit gives you freedom to try new colors and textures.

Men’s sweaters and cardigans are as comfortable as tops get.

Other than the T-shirt—which isn’t as versatile as a sweater can be—there may be no item in all of western civilization more comfortable than the sweater or cardigan. After all, they’re designed to be warm and fuzzy. And if they’re made from quality materials, like the 100% cotton in this 7 Gauge Retro Cardigan in “Camel”, they won’t ruin your day by itching.

Men’s sweaters and cardigans can be handy.

Adding another layer to your outfit isn’t only about style. It’s also about practicality. Observe the multiple pockets of the Zip Cardigan Sweater. It essentially serves the same function as a jacket, which is perfect on those cool summer nights or crisp autumn days that call for one additional layer, but not both.

Sweaters and cardigans give you confidence.

All good clothing should give you confidence. But there’s something special about wearing an item like this Block Knit Cardigan that separates you from what everyone else is wearing. Not only will it give you confidence against cold weather, but it shows that you have a distinctive style that’s all your own.

Don’t believe us? Maybe it’s time for you to try a men’s sweater yourself.