Simple Solutions for Men’s Summer Clothing Problems

Summer makes things easier: shorter hair, simple outfits, and wearing shoes without socks. But that doesn’t mean your high-fashion efforts in hot weather are going to go off without a hitch, either. Here are some frequent problems the fashion-savvy face when beating the heat along with some simple solutions for men’s summer clothing problems.

Problem #1 - Too Much Sweat

Even if you wear a light woven shirt made from 100% breathable cotton… well, let’s face it: some days are just going to be hot no matter what you do. Your body responds by sweating.

As healthy as sweating can be, there’s no reason you can’t minimize the evidence and look fresh. What do you do?

  • Avoid dark clothes. Dark clothes absorb more light in the summer—and more light means more heat. Our Snappers in stone, however, will feel comfortable even on a cloudless day.
  • Keep your clothes loose-fitting. Believe it or not, your clothes aren’t going to develop sweat stains without direct contact on your most sweaty areas. Try wearing a light undershirt and unbuttoning your outer layer to keep plenty of air between you and your favorite woven shirt.
  • Don’t wear cheap clothes. Cheap clothes tend to shrink over time, which in turn makes them stick to you like glue when you wear them during the summer. Invest in 100% cotton clothes that have some substance to them.

Problem #2 - Wrinkling Up When Packing

Summertime isn’t just about the heat. It’s also about moving around: vacations, weekend excursions, and trips to the coast with friends.

That means you’re going to be packing your best men’s summer clothing. And with ineffective packing comes inevitable wrinkling. But don’t worry. Here’s what to do:

  • Roll your clothes to pack them. This won’t guarantee a perfectly smooth shirt, but you’ll drastically reduce the wrinkles that develop vs. conventionally-folded clothes.
  • Unpack your clothes as soon as you arrive. The real cause of wrinkling is often poorly-folded clothes multiplied by one simple factor: time. Minimize this factor by unpacking once you arrive. You can even invest in travel kits and travel hangers when you won’t have a closet available at your destination.

Problem #3 - Failing to Plan for a Hot Day

Yesterday’s weather report foresaw a cooler, breezy day. The next morning, you’re wearing full-length pants.

But the weather report was wrong. It’s not cool but sticky. It’s not breezy, and the air won’t move. Since you’ve already committed to a get-together, you don’t have time to get back to the house. What do you do?

  • Keep a Dopp kit that includes short shorts like Snappers. These are light, short, and easy to pack, even in small bags, so they make a great alternative when you don’t have anything else to wear.

Problem #4 - Not Knowing Which Clothes to Buy

This is where we can help you out. At Vintage 1946, you’ll find plenty of great men’s summer clothing items, like vintage-inspired shorts and shirts to help you out in the hot weather. Find the light, 100% cotton options that make the solutions above that much easier! Shop today!