Men’s Stretch Corduroy Pants

Used to wearing denim, sweat pants, and the occasional khakis? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Very few people except the fashion trailblazers among us experiment with different textures. But you have absolutely nothing to fear from a pair of men’s Stretch Corduroy Pants, even if you’ve never tried them before. These warm, textured pants are a fun alternative to jeans, and they just might earn a spot in your wardrobe as your new preferred leg coverings.

There’s just one catch: if you’re new to corduroy pants, you may have absolutely no idea what to wear with them. Let’s fix that.

Shoes: Picking the Right Footwear for Corduroy Pants

The first mistake most men make is thinking they need to buy new shoes just because they’re not used to wearing pant colors like bark, fatigue, or oatmeal.

Most of the time, your favorite choices in footwear will work just fine with your stretch corduroy pants. Fresh, all-white sneakers? Check. Desert boots? Check. Bucks? Check. Men’s fashion doesn’t have to be a brain boiler. Try to think of corduroy as an alternative to jeans that shares many of the same properties: they’re casual, easy to dress up or down, and fit well with an extraordinary number of accessories.

Belts: Matching Colors with Corduroy

Depending on the selection you’re opting for, you might want to think about different belt colors:

  • Brown is the most versatile choice in your wardrobe, because it will pair well with just about anything you can think of. Brown goes especially well with fatigue, blue, and lighter colors all the way up to white.
  • Canvas or multi-colored belts are an interesting option, but try to use them to make your outfit pop rather than to clash with their surrounding colors.
  • Black belts aren’t just for masters of Tae Kwon Do—but they do tend to clash with some men’s corduroy color favorites like brown and bark, so use them with caution.

Always try to keep your pants and shoe colors in mind when adding your belt to the ensemble. A man’s outfit is visually split in half at the waist, so don’t try to do too much with what is essentially one half of your outfit.

Shirts: What’s Corduroy-Appropriate?

The good news is you have a lot of options here. That also happens to be the bad news, as narrowing down a choice for your next stretch corduroy pants outfit might seem difficult. Stick to these basics:

  • Woven shirts with patterns are especially friendly with corduroy. Again, keep your color palette for this outfit in mind, as it’s easy to go too far off the beaten path and start clashing with your accessories.
  • Sweaters aren’t just matches visually. When you wear corduroy pants for cool weather, they tend to be the best way to beat the outdoors. This category includes cardigans for extra texture.

As you get used to your new stretch corduroy pants, you’ll start to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t, just as you’ve done with denim in the past. Use corduroy as another way to differentiate yourself from the pack without ever sacrificing comfort.