Men's Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

Depending on where you live, you may already be experiencing balmy spring weather. In other areas of the country, the clouds of winter are parting. That means it’s time to switch over to your spring wardrobe! But there are plenty of new men’s spring 2020 fashion trends, so if you want to look your best, it will help to understand exactly what those are. Let’s look at the latest trends that you can immediately capitalize on today!


In spring 2020, men wearing linen will not only take advantage of the quick-drying strength of linen, but you’ll have a textural counterpart to the fabric everyone else will be wearing—100% cotton.

Of course, linen doesn’t have to be a binary choice, either. You can try out a linen/cotton woven shirt like this Short Sleeve Linen shirt that’s perfect for spring. This blend helps you enjoy the comfort of cotton while still fully utilizing the trend of wearing linen for a textural change. It also gives you the breathability of cotton while enjoying the quick-drying characteristics of linen. Think of it as a “best of both worlds” kind of shirt—and one that’s perfect for spring.

Drawstring Shorts

These days, you don’t always have to wear khaki shorts with a belt to look sharp. A casual alternative? Drawstring shorts. Take this Windjammer Hybrid in Red. The polyester/spandex blend is stretchy, durable, and strong, which makes it perfect for the outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather of spring.

There are other practicalities here that will help you enjoy these shorts outside. For example, the mesh pockets help keep your keys secure even when you’re taking on the outdoor activities in spring that you weren’t doing in the winter. Plus, the casual drawstring waist means that you can wear these around the house just as easily as you can wear them outside.



Is there a better way to give your clothes a pop of color than a madras pattern? If so, we’d like to see it. Take our Patch Madras Shorts in Pink as an example. The colors here are numerous—you have light blues, pinks, dark blues, turquoise, and light colors. It’s a cornucopia of pastel colors that are perfect for spring. And yet the effect on your outfit will be a simple pop of color that contrasts well with solid shirts, giving you a great look for spring that helps you break outside the “khaki shorts” box.

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Are you looking for more great ways to stay on top of the latest men’s spring 2020 fashion trends? Then browse through our Spring Collection to see everything we have to offer. It’s a great way to break out of your winter clothes routine and enjoy the spring while sporting the latest men’s fashion.