Men’s Smart Casual Shirts – Choose Woven Shirts From Vintage 1946

 What exactly constitutes a “must-have” shirt? Simple: versatility. A must-own shirt is one of those shirts you can take anywhere and not feel out of place. But there’s more than that. A quality woven shirt should be comfortable and stylish as well—and if you know where to shop, you can get all three qualities in a single item. Read our quick guide below and acquire one of these must-have woven men’s smart casual shirts.

Oxford Washed Gingham

The Oxford Washed Gingham Shirt in Navy may just be the most versatile article of clothing ever invented outside of the plain white tee. Why? The gingham check pattern is now famous for its ubiquity, partially thanks to the fact that it creates a tasteful contrast to solid colors such as denim or khakis. It’s a smart-but-conservative statement that can play counterpart to a number of other layers, such as a sweater or sweatshirt during the winter. Or you can wear it during the summer and enjoy the breeziness of its 100% cotton surplus oxford cloth   

Whatever your choice, there’s no doubt that adding an Oxford Washed Gingham shirt to your wardrobe will be an immediate investment in your ability to layer, style, and remain versatile no matter what the occasion.


The Plaid Woven

A plaid woven shirt is a large category, so let’s narrow it down for you: try this Oxford Washed Plaid shirt in Hunter. The classic-yet-bold plaid pattern here is a fantastic counterpart to the Gingham pattern you see above. Not only does this active coloring style add a little bit of spice to your wardrobe, but it will bring that same character to just about any outfit you put together—no matter what the other colors you choose might be.

Why plaid? Not only is plaid a great pattern for a variety of reasons—it creates a different kind of outfit, it works well with layering, etc.—but it’s also in style, making it the perfect choice when searching for men’s smart casual shirts. It mixes both the classic American look with the modern streetwear vibe many are searching for, which is exactly why so many people seek them out. The only question is: do you need more plaid in your wardrobe?

Solid Oxford

The solid oxford shirt might be the easiest shirt to wear with just about any other item of clothing you have, from shorts to slacks. You can go with our Solid Oxford Shirt in Pink Lemonade to mix things up a bit. This creates a different sort of look in your wardrobe without straying too far off the sartorial path—which is a nice way of saying that it meets old standards with new flair. If that’s what you need while building your collection of men’s smart casual shirts, then this is a must-have purchase.

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For more essential items to create the classic outfits and find the perfect men’s smart casual shirts you only see in a vintage-style wardrobe, be sure to browse our collections today.