Men’s Shorts Fabric Guide - Stay Cool All Summer

Staying cool in the summer isn’t always about wearing less fabric. Sometimes, it simply means wearing the right fabric. Sure, “100% cotton” is a start. But what about the weaving patterns that make that cotton better at breathing? And what other choices should you consider if you’re going to wear shorts, pants, or long-sleeve shirts? In our men’s shorts fabric guide, we have all your answers for beating the heat without sacrificing an inch of style.


Linen is a fabric as old as ancient Egypt—and it’s fair to say they knew a thing or two about beating the heat. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for an upgrade, either. Our Cotton Linen Shorts in Denim Blue are a 68-32% cotton/linen hybrid, providing you with the best of both worlds: the relaxing fit of cotton with the light, breezy texture of linen.

Put them together and you have an extraordinary pair of shorts that looks a cut above the usual khaki options you’ll see most people wearing, which in turn gives you a few style points along with the fabric upgrade.

Stretch Poplin

“Stretch Poplin” is made out of a versatile hybrid blend that’s 98% cotton and 2% spandex. That makes these Stretch Poplin Baby Blue Shorts ideal for summertime activities like hiking, picnics, boating, or even relaxing on the beach. The added stretchiness offered by the infusion of spandex makes these shorts better at performance in an almost sneaky way.

They’ll still look every bit “dressy” and ready for restaurant wear, but the extra infusion of performance is invisible. You’ll feel a sense of at-home comfort even while looking ready for a night on the town.

Vintage Seersucker

This 100% cotton woven pattern might seem like something you’re familiar with, but you’ll know the difference right away. Our Vintage Seersucker tan shorts serve as a consummate example of the dimpled seersucker pattern that makes seersucker an ideal choice for especially hot days. This texture helps air move more freely without billowing or feeling loose.

The design will help ensure that sweat wicks away and that the fabric itself doesn’t stick to your skin. There’s a reason cotton is so useful in summer—and it’s because it can be spun into fabric patterns as varying as oxford cloth and seersucker.

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