Men's Short Sleeve Button Down Casual Shirts Are In!

Want to dress smart and casual at the same time? There’s never been a better occasion to invest in men’s short sleeve button down casual shirts. These shirts offer all of the formality of a button-down with the breathability and casual style of a T-shirt, giving you the best of both worlds. But how do you wear these casual shirts for an optimal look that will serve you anywhere you go? We have some suggestions for great shirt options and how to wear them:

Wearing the Classic White Short Sleeve Button Down


Think of the white short sleeve button down as a dressier version of a white t-shirt: it goes with just about everything. Even better, a white short sleeve button down shirt like this Linen/Cotton Woven shirt offers a versatility that even the T-shirt can’t offer. With the collar, you can layer this shirt with a sweatshirt on a breezier day and have a completely different outfit than if you’d worn the sweatshirt alone.

Why cotton and linen? Linen is a fabric so useful in hot climates that it goes back to the days of ancient Egypt. Pairing it with cotton will give you a lightweight, breezy option that works even in the hottest of weather.

Why white? Don’t feel limited by the colors. But if you do opt for the white version of this button-down, you’ll have a breezy option that’s great for the summer. Not only does white repel more light on sunny days, keeping you cooler, but it will be versatile enough to pair with just about any clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Investing in a versatile option means you can wear this button down time and again without repeating outfits—all without taking additional trips to the store.

This shirt is also available in pink and grey. Both shirts are versatile options that can yield similar results in your wardrobe.

The Short Sleeve Linen Woven Shirt


There are five colors available for our Short Sleeve Linen Woven Shirt, and for good reason—you may want to buy a few versions of these.

Why 100% linen? Sure, we think that our short sleeve button down with a linen/cotton combination is great and deserves a place in your wardrobe. But there’s no mistaking the different texture of linen. These days, most people tend to gravitate to cotton or at least cotton blend shirts. If you expect that every other person in the room is going to wear something like a short sleeve button down shirt, then a linen version will give you a slight texture difference. It will help you stand out while keeping you comfortable.

Shop Shirts from Vintage 1946

We hope you give these men’s short sleeve button down casual shirts a try! However, that isn’t to say that you should limit yourself to just our short sleeve shirts, either. Depending on where you live, you never know what the weather might bring—and it helps to have the style to handle anything that comes your way. Visit our shirts collections from 1946 for more of the latest and greatest in men’s style.