Men’s Short Shorts Are Back: How to Wear a 5.5 Inseam

In bygone decades, men’s shorts were much shorter than they were in the early to mid-2000s. Now after two decades, men’s short shorts are coming back in style stronger than ever. Men’s short shorts are more popular than ever, in part due to social media trends. Let’s break down how you can wear 5.5-inch inseam shorts with style!

Why Wear Short Shorts?

For two reasons: comfort and style.

Let’s face it. We all wear shorts in the summer because they are much more comfortable compared to jeans or any full-length pants. Things can get pretty hot no matter where you live when the summer heat rolls around. Shorts help you shed body heat and sweat effectively while walking around indoors or enjoying some summertime activities.

But short shorts are also great for men since they show off our calves and thighs. Short shorts let you stay comfortable and look your best: what’s not to like?

The short shorts trend recently came back thanks to a social media movement on TikTok. After one viral video took off, many other men started wearing short shorts with renewed enthusiasm.

The Right Shorts Are Everything

While it’s fine to jump onto the short shorts bandwagon, you’ll only look as good as possible if you pick the right shorts for your body and style. Lucky for you, Vintage 1946 has just the collection you need.

Our 5.5-inch inseam snapper shorts are stellar examples of this new shorts trend. Each pair comes with an elastic waistband plus a fully functional button fly. They’re made of 100% cotton and available in all kinds of colors ranging from khaki to stone, navy, purple, coral, blueberry, and more. Talk about variety!

Our snapper shorts have been one of our best-selling collections for several years at this point thanks to their comfort and variety. They're breezy, super enjoyable for lounging at home or engaging in outdoor activities, and ideal for spring and summer weather. Consider giving one of these pairs a try today!

What to Wear with Short Shorts

Of course, short shorts have to be paired with the right upper wear and other articles to really make you look great. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent clothing items and accessories you can wear with your 5.5-inch snapper or other shorts.

For example, you can wear your short shorts with white trainers. These give you a sporty, athletic look that’s sure to turn heads when you go running or when playing volleyball on the beach.

Accessories like baseball caps, round sunglasses, and even bright watches can also draw attention to your look and let you reflect the summer sunshine and bright colors everywhere.

As far as shirts go, T-shirts are always good choices. If you want to be a little classier, try collared button-down shirts. Not only can you unbutton these if the weather gets a little hotter than you anticipated, but they go perfectly with short shorts since they don’t elongate your torso or make your legs seem shorter than they are. You can even wear polo shirts with short shorts if you match both articles’ colors appropriately. Tank tops can also work if you’re purely interested in running or staying comfortable in the hot summer sunshine.

Try Vintage 1946’s Snapper Shorts Today!

Vintage 1946's snapper shorts are among the best pairs of shorts you can choose to jump into this trend head-on (or rather, feet first!). But if you’re interested in other legwear, Vintage 1946 still has you covered. For example, our sports shorts are ideal for guys who want to get their workout on outdoors. Check out our other shorts collections and types today!