Men’s Patterned Shorts From Vintage 1946

mens printed shorts

You might think you know shorts. But can you look at a pair of shorts and recognize which pattern you’re looking at? If you want to liven up your wardrobe with some different patterns, it helps to learn a little bit about those patterns you’re most likely to see. Here are a few of our favorite pairs of men’s patterned shorts from our collection.

Like Plaid? Try Madras!

You’re probably familiar with plaid, the “checkered” look of contrasting colors that unites to create an interesting overall theme. Madras men’s patterned shorts are very similar but often feature a “patched” style that provides that look just as well.

The key with wearing plaid or madras shorts is understanding just how striking they can be. They’re easily paired with basic solid-color shirts, for example—particularly if you’re dressing up for a get-together. Worn at the beach or outside during summer, they’re a great casual option for keeping cool.

Printed Shorts

The term “printed shorts” can apply to a wide range of different men’s patterned short styles, but the basic idea is simple: a print is just about any pattern or design that features a striking visual element, which is often repeated. Here are a few examples:

  • Sea/sailing themes are common in New England style trends, including elements like anchors and lobster—sometimes, these themes will be subtle, requiring a closer look to make out the details.
  • Tropical shorts often feature similar themes, but farther south—think palm trees and blue waves.
  • American flag prints like this Americana Color Block short are fun, festive, and perfect for summer—even outside of the fourth of July.

Printed shorts can be ideal for pool parties, summer barbecues, or casual wear for any occasion throughout the warmer months.

Solid Color

The pattern here? There is no pattern. There’s simply a solid color, which is great when you want your shorts to be just one visual element as part of a fashion-forward outfit. You can wear conservative colors, of course, but there are all sorts of pastels and brighter colors available when you shop for Classic Vintage Twill 7” shorts. Dijon, lemon, lime, navy, British tan, pink—there’s just about any color you could want to add a simpler splash of color to your next outfit.

Striped Shorts

Striped shorts are a great way to include a different element without going for a full print look, which tends to be a little bit more casual. Our Vintage Seersucker Brown shorts are an example of this men’s patterned shorts style. They’re great for adding some visual length to your shorts without additional fabric, which in turn keeps the shorts breezy and cool for the hot season.

Choosing the Patterned Shorts for You

Which pattern fits your personality? Don’t limit yourself. We have a wide variety of vintage-style patterned shorts. Shop today!