Men's Patchwork Madras Shirts From Vintage 1946

The Men’s Patchwork Madras Shirts from Vintage 1946 are in, and they introduce an entirely new element to your wardrobe: fun, bright patterns you can wear above the waist. But, if you’re new to Madras, how do you dress up these shirts to make them work as part of a cohesive outfit? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Know Your Madras Shirts: A Brief Guide

To master your Madras look, it helps to know a little about this style of fabric. Madras has its roots in India, where it was often paired with cool, light materials that could be worn in a tropical climate. We still see elements of that background today, where wearing Madras is considered the “plaid of the summer.”

Madras’ colorful, bright patterns can come in different types. Some Madras, for example, tend to be more traditional in the “basic Madras” style that’s akin to plaid patterns. “Basic madras” is somewhat like plaid or tartan—and, in fact, both madras and tartan patterns have influenced each other over the years.

Patchwork Madras is another style that looks like how it sounds—a looser collection of unique patterns that appear “patched” together to form a unified whole.

What does this mean for how you wear Madras shirts? We have a few ideas.

How to Wear Patchwork Madras Shirts

Patchwork Madras is distinct from plaid in a few ways. Most notably, patchwork madras tend to be better suited for summer, especially given their history and their typically bright patterns.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can wear Madras to maximize your style:

  • Find the predominant color, even if you have to guess. Some patchwork Madras have individual patches that are filled with dozens of different color options. While you could play it safe and wear shorts that are neutral colors like navy, white, or khaki, try choosing a single color within the patches, and match your shorts accordingly to your choice.
  • Keep your Madras outfits simple. A plaid jacket, a polo shirt, and a pair of Madras shorts? It might be a bit much, particularly if you’re just starting out with these new fabric styles. If you wear a Madras shirt, you can easily pair it with khaki shorts to give yourself a balanced look without having to worry about matching and clashing.
  • Cool the look with Madras featuring muted layers. If you’re wearing a Madras shirt on a cooler day, you can also “cool off” the look of Madras with a simple blazer. This helps you effectively layer your Madras without making the outfit more visually complicated.

Discover Men's Patchwork Madras Shirts From Vintage 1946

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