Men's Hot Weather Clothing From Vintage 1946

With Spring and Summer on the way, make sure you have a wardrobe that can take the heat. Here are some featured men’s hot weather clothing pieces from Vintage 1946, along with some tips to help you dress for the heat.

Clothes To Beat The Heat

When it comes to dressing for hot weather, you have three basic ways to control how warm or cool your outfit feels:

  • Material: You don’t want to wear most types of wool on a hot day, because it’s such an effective insulator.
  • Color: Dark colors absorb more light and heat, making the outfit hotter than it needs to be.
  • Coverage: Your skin needs to breathe on a hot day, allowing perspiration to do its cooling handiwork.

With these three variables in mind, what are the best clothes you can wear during hot weather? And what clothes are best for a man who hasn’t tried to build a “hot weather” wardrobe before?

Material: Types of Fabric to Wear

Let’s start with the most basic element of what makes clothing hot or cool: the material from which it’s made.

Linen and cotton are two of your best materials for hot-weather, because they’ll wick away moisture without adding too much insulation to your clothing.

Take this Linen Cotton Short as an example that’s built specifically to be worn during hot weather. Its 55% linen, 44% cotton, 2% spandex makeup provides flexibility and plenty of cooling properties to make it ideal for even the hottest days of summer.

You may also find that specific weaves of fabric are great for hot weather. Seersucker shorts, made from 100% cotton, are great for dealing with the heat. Seersucker features a dimpling texture that helps lift the fabric from direct contact with your skin and allows for the free movement of cooling air.

Color: Stay Bright

In addition to materials, it’s important to think about color when dressing for the heat. One fashion rule of thumb is that it’s not a good idea to wear white after Labor Day. But before Labor Day—during the hottest days of the year—white may be the best color. It’s not only versatile enough to match with any color under the sun, but it will reflect the most possible sunlight and give you a cooling effect that lets you get away with more fabric coverage.

Pastels and other bright colors are also great for Spring and Summer. Just check out the wide range of colors in our Classic Vintage Twill Shorts collection!

Coverage: Be Willing to Show Some Skin

Our bodies are adapted to hot weather. When it gets hot, we perspire; the evaporation of this perspiration into the air has a cooling effect on our body. Sweat also makes the skin feel cooler when it’s wet, so it’s essential for comfort as well.

That’s why it’s a good idea not to interrupt this process by wearing broad layers of clothes that cover up this moisture or cut off the flow of air necessary for full evaporation.

We all know this intuitively: long pants and sweatshirts are bad for hot weather! But you also need to know what looks fashionable during hot weather, as comfort is only one aspect of your clothing to take into account. You’ll want stylish clothes that help you look your best while staying as comfortable as anything else in your wardrobe.

We recommend our Stretch Snapper Shorts if you want to minimize your outfit coverage. These are light, breezy, and comfortable shorts that are perfect for all of your summer adventures. For the truly hot days, going with Stretch Snappers in White will limit coverage, reflect maximum light, and minimize insulation.

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