How To Pick Out The Best Men's Autumn Clothing

Summer is a fun season, allowing us to wear cool clothes and show plenty of skin. But when it comes to fashion and style, there may be no better opportunity to show off your fashion sense than autumn. In autumn, the leaves change, the weather gets a little cooler, and the clothing options run both short and long. Want to make this season count? Then now’s the time to stock up on quality men’s autumn clothing. We thought we’d help you along with a few choice tips!

Embrace A New Color Palette

Spring and summer have simple palettes: pastels, light colors, and plenty of bright options. But autumn lets you reach even further outside the box. Check out the colors available with our Stretch Corduroy pants, and you’ll see just how many options you have available. Think fall colors: mohagany, fatigue, marine, oatmeal, and bark. These colors are versatile enough to pair well with anything else you might have in your dresser, and they’re especially appropriate for autumn.

Get A Little Warmer

If you live in a warm-weather climate, you can probably stick with many of the items you bought for spring and summer without a hitch. But it might also be time to think about getting a little warmer. That means switching from shorts to pants—or even investing in a sweater to get ready for the winter.

Try Something New

Fall is the time to try something a little out of your comfort zone. Whether that means new color pairings or new pieces like cardigans, you won’t find a better season for it. Not only is the weather more conducive to interesting experiments involving added layers, but trying something new in fall means you’ll know what works and what doesn’t when winter comes.

Mix Seasons

Not sure how to achieve the delicate balance between summer and winter? You don’t really have to. Sometimes you can pair something from each season—say, a sweatshirt or sweater on top of a great pair of khaki shorts, such as our Gurkha Hybrid Tan shorts. Depending on where you live, the weather isn’t always hot or cold—it might often find itself in an “in-between” state that makes it impossible to pick something out of your dresser. Once you realize that there are no set rules, you should have no problem mixing seasons.

Break A Few Rules

Now’s the time to stock up on men’s autumn clothing, so browse everything we have here at Vintage 1946 for a look that will be in style this season.You know that old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? On a hot fall day, don’t worry—the fashion police won’t come and arrest you. Wearing a pair of Classic Vintage Twill in White is perfectly fine, particularly if the weather calls for it. Just try to keep to a few tried-and-true rules for your own outfits—then, when necessary, feel free to break a fashion rule or two as well. It can be liberating.