3 Great Men’s 4th Of July Shorts From Vintage 1946

Fourth of July is the height of summer. Between water sports, fireworks, and of course barbecue, the celebration of the American birthday brings together each and every one of summer’s best qualities. But what should you wear to a Fourth of July barbecue if you want to have fun and dress with style? We’ve got you covered. Here are 3 great options for men’s 4th of July shorts from Vintage 1946!

Americana Block Shorts

If there was ever a holiday for the most patriotic option here at Vintage, this is that day. Our Americana block shorts feature a comfortable 8.5” inseam, 100% cotton, and—oh yeah—we can’t forget about that classic American flag design! These are the fun men’s 4th of July shorts that will have you maxing out on red, white, and blue. And while they’re ideal for a picnic or a barbecue on Independence Day, they also make for fun shorts whenever you have a sunny day waiting for you!

Stretch Snappers

Since July 4th can be about as hot as summer gets, it’s worth considering wearing extra-short shorts to beat the heat. That’s especially true if you’re attending an Independence Day party that figures to be at the peak sunlight hours.

For that, Stretch Snappers might be your best choice. These “short shorts” are convenient, light, and breezy, giving you plenty of cooling while still fitting in stylistically. And if you want to make sure that you match with the theme of the day, here are some of the best color options to choose for your 4th of July shorts:

Because Stretch Snappers work for a range of events all summer long, you can also wear them on vacation, on weekend trips, or even casual days around the house.

High Performance Shorts

One great thing about Fourth of July: it’s usually not the most formal event of the year. It’s hot. You’re eating hot dogs. There’s likely a running hose somewhere. That’s why you might want to think about performance before you think about style. But why sacrifice style when you can have them both in abundance? Try our High Performance Shorts for a casual alternative.

Our High Performance Shorts take advantage of a polyester-spandex pattern that makes for stretchy, durable fabric. They’re the kind of shorts you want to have on when someone throws a water balloon your way. And they’re the kind of shorts you might want to have on any time of day because, frankly—they’re that comfortable. For especially theme-related colors, try the Red option or choose Navy instead.

More Great Options From Vintage 1946

Whether you have an informal barbecue to attend or a company event, there’s no reason you can’t look your best while celebrating your patriotism this Independence Day. For more great men’s fourth of July shorts options, keep browsing all the collections here at Vintage 1946 for something else in red, white, or blue.