Men’s Fall Fashion 2021 Top Trends

If there is one constant you can count on in fashion, it is change. Trends change quickly in this industry, as clothes that were stylish just a year or two ago can suddenly seem behind the times. As you work to keep your closet relevant and up-to-date, it’s important to know where the trends are going and where you can find the right pieces to establish your look.

At V1946, we are constantly updating our collection to reflect a blend of the latest styles and timeless fashion. Our clothes are modern and as the trends adjust, you’ll be proud to keep wearing these items.

New Trends for Work Clothes

There has been a recent shift in men’s work clothes. Work from home has become a larger trend and without the need to dress up and head into the office, many men are opting for more casual garments. That doesn’t mean they are giving up on looking good, but rather they are just changing their approach to style and comfort.

Our fall collection represents this trend nicely with some garments that are particularly comfortable yet still look great, such as our French Terry Hoodie. There is nothing formal about a hoodie, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy or lazy when wearing one. Ours is a quality garment made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and it includes features like a knit cuff and a functional drawstring.

Another fall item to consider is our Everyday Pant. These have a modern fit to avoid the sloppiness that typically comes with sweats, and they are crafted with 88% polyester and 12% spandex. These pants are great when working from home, but you’ll be just as comfortable wearing them out of the house to run errands or to lounge in after large holiday meals.

The Reign of the Shacket

If you pay attention to fashion trends at all, you are already aware of the popularity of the shacket. This is a blended item – half shirt, half jacket – that has started to appear in both women’s and men’s clothing lines. We are certainly getting in on the fun here at V1946, as we have a Men’s Shirt Jacket as part of our fall collection.

The beauty of the shirt jacket, and what has made it such a hit, is its flexibility. You can wear it zipped up on a cooler day or when you want a slightly dressier look. Of course, you can always undo the zipper for a casual vibe that keeps you cool as temperatures rise. Our version of this garment includes a left chest pocket, a full zip, and it’s made from 100% polyester.

Don’t Forget About Corduroy!

As you consider ways to update your wardrobe as we head into 2022, consider adding corduroy to your collection. Yes, the fabric that was popular in the 90s and earlier has made a strong comeback, and you can pick up a pair of 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy pants here at V1946.

While corduroy is certainly a time-honored fabric, we have updated it to keep it relevant in the modern world. That means using a blended material that is 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Since it is still mostly cotton, this material is breathable and soft – but the inclusion of a little bit of spandex helps give these pants a bit of flex. Also, the styling is designed to offer a modern fit, rather than the baggy, loose corduroy pants from decades ago. Our corduroys are versatile enough to work in many office settings as well as keeping you comfortable for nights out, traveling, and more.

Update Your Wardrobe Today!

Please take a moment to explore the various categories and items on our website. There is something here for every man who is serious about looking great and staying comfortable throughout the day. Whether for business or pleasure, you’ll love the items in our Fall Collection and throughout the rest of our site. Thank you for visiting V1946!