How To Match Your Outfit

You might know which pants you like to wear. You put them on and you feel great. And on the other side of the coin, you probably have an idea for which tops best suit your sense of style. But what about when it comes to pairing great tops with the classic trousers in your wardrobe? How do you know which piece goes with what? Here’s a quick guide on how to match your outfit for the perfect look.

Business Casual: Woven Shirts & Stretch Twill Pants

Let’s start with the most versatile combination in any person’s wardrobe: a business casual outfit. This outfit isn’t quite casual, and not quite “office”—it’s somewhere in between. And because of that, you’ll get away with it just about anywhere. When it comes to how to match your outfit for a business casual look, here’s a good start.

Pair a great woven shirt with Men’s Stretch Twill pants. Cinched together with a nice-fitting belt in the middle, this combination will get you just about anywhere. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Twill Plaid Oxford in Tan with Dark Denim Stretch Twill. There’s some complementing going on here thanks to the blue plaid patterns in the “Tan” shirt. What’s great here is that you’ll have a nice pop of color to match with the versatile dark denim of the stretch twill pants.
  • A Sueded Oxford Shirt in Blue with Dusty Silver Twill Pants breaks the pattern of dark-pants-light-shirt with something a little less conventional, but no less attractive. Pairing the silver pants with bolder, dark colors offers a sharp contrast that really helps the bright color of the pants pop, which in turn can highlight shoes, belts, and other accessories.

While these options are great for the ever-versatile business casual look, let’s think about how to create a cozier outfit.

Cozy at Home: Knit Shirts and Military Twill Pants

There’s a nice contrast here between the clean look of Military Twill pants and the snug, less-formal Knits we have on offer. The pairing creates a look that says, “I’m all business…but I’m also off-duty.” It makes for great outfits at casual get-togethers and outings with friends. Here are some of our favorite pairings:

  • Heathered Terry Q-Zip in Light Grey on top, Military Twill in Classic Navy on bottom. Sure, grey-and-blue is one of those time-honored outfit pairings that can’t miss, but it’s a great starting point for creating a new wardrobe, especially if you’re just trying out military twill for the first time.
  • Drop Needle Q-Zip in Oatmeal with Classic Fit Fatigue. The great benefit of fatigue? It’s a slightly bolder color choice that’s just as versatile as blue can be, which means it’s deceptively conservative. Pair it with a similarly-subtle color in Oatmeal and you’ll have yourself an outfit that stands out…even if people can’t quite place their finger on what’s making it all work together.

Find More Great Pieces At Vintage 1946

When you connect two complementary yet contrasting pieces or colors, you learn how to match your outfit to reflect the tasteful choices you make when shopping. But the most vital choice is where you shop. We recommend getting off to a strong start by shopping the collections here at Vintage 1946.