Labor Day Fashion Rule: Vintage Men’s Shorts or Pants?

September 5th, 2016. Mark it down in your calendars. To many, Labor Day represents the last day of summer and the beginning of the fall season. With the end of summer comes a whole new set of men’s fashion rules, including clichés like “don’t wear white after Labor Day” or “stop wearing shorts in autumn.”

But do these rules really hold up? Just how long after Labor Day can you keep wearing men’s shorts, anyway? Let’s take a look at the real logic behind Labor Day rules.

Defining a New Sartorial End to Summer

For many, Labor Day’s three-day weekend is the bookend to the unofficial opening of summer, the three-day Memorial Day weekend. But other than that, there’s really no argument to be made for Labor Day being the end of summer.

Though Labor Day is a high point for back-to-school sales, many begin shopping in early to mid-August. The official astronomical beginning of fall is in late September, not early September—this year, it falls on September 22nd. If you ask us, summer fashion isn’t over until the weather says it’s over. And that depends a lot on your local geography.

Men’s Shorts: Where You Live Matters

Although Labor Day is an official U.S. holiday at the federal level—applying to all 50 states—that doesn’t mean that Labor Day should represent an official end of summer anywhere you go. September 5th in Maine is going to be very different in terms of temperature, and consequently in terms of men’s fashion from September 5th in Florida.

Men’s shorts have and always will be a matter of practicality. They’re a way to stay cool when it’s simply too warm to wear pants. While the post-Labor Day weather might not be appropriate for, say, short Snappers, there are plenty of longer shorts you can wear that will remain climate-appropriate.

Shorts You Can Wear Past Labor Day

If you want to keep wearing shorts well past Labor Day, then you may have to do a little adjustment. Here are some of the best men’s shorts you can wear well into September and beyond:

  • Classic Vintage Twill in Garnet. The light pastels you chose for spring and summer won’t play as well in September. These garnet shorts are almost burgundy, which is a color that goes well with autumn. What’s more, the added length will help keep you covered from cool breezes.
  • Classic Vintage Twill in British Tan. These men’s vintage shorts are also 9”, giving you autumn-appropriate coverage. The British Tan makes for near-khaki shorts that are versatile enough to wear with just about anything you can find in your fall wardrobe.

Pulling off men’s shorts post-Labor Day isn’t too difficult. You simply need to make an adjustment or two, and you can go on enjoying warmer weather by wearing the shorts that best suit you.

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