Flat Front Twill Pants: Men's Fashion Trend

Men’s pants have changed a lot in recent years, and 2017 is no different. These days, flat front twill pants are one of our most popular options—and for good reason. How can you capitalize on this trend? We have a few ideas.

Why Flat Front Twill?

Twill is a weave of fabric with diagonal lines, making them more resistant to obvious staining. That means they’re better capable of handling sweat. Our Sahara Twill pants, for instance, are all about adventure and elegance: the ability to handle a hot, muggy day without showing as much sweat. But as fun and versatile as twill pants can be, you’d be surprised what different colors can do for your wardrobe.

For Versatility: Khaki/Stone Twill Pants

If you want the flat front twill trousers that will have the most impact on your wardrobe, it’s hard to beat Sahara Twill Trim Fit in Stone. This color brings versatility to your wardrobe because it matches with, well, just about every other color you can imagine.

Whether you’re wearing a navy blazer to “suit up” these trousers or a casual button-down for a weekend getaway, having a pair of our Stone Sahara Twill Trousers in your dresser will open up a new world of fashion possibilities.

For Casual, Rugged Style: Smoked Pearl

If our Sahara Twill in Smoked Pearl look adventurous, it’s because they are. But it’s not just the fabric in this case. The color and texture are a little more “casual,” better suited for relaxed business environments, running errands, or simply hanging out with friends. To really pull these off, try going with a beltless look—even when your shirt is tucked in. You’d be surprised at how this can make you look less “dressed up” and effortless.

What to Wear With Flat Front Twill Pants

You might not be used to a phrase like Flat Front Twill, but when you learn what to match with them, you’ll see they’re just like any other pants in your wardrobe: casual, elegant, and easy to pull off. Here are some of our favorite things to keep in mind when pairing other clothes in your wardrobe with these pants:

  • Match the casual style. A blazer can work well with twill pants. A double-breasted suit coat? That’s going to be a bit much. Try to keep things casual and stylish with a button-down shirt, a sweater, or even a polo.
  • You can never go wrong with a good pair of boots. Whether that’s Desert Boots to go with your pants or something a little more substantial for cold weather, the adventurous look pairs well with adventurous shoes and boots.

Of course, there are plenty of vintage men’s clothes you can check out right here—many of which pair nicely with our Men’s Twill Trousers.