Essential Men’s Fall Clothing Styles in 2019

The Fall/Winter season is one of the most important for men to understand. After all, dressing in summer can be easy and fun without too much thought—but it’s during the cooler months that a man’s style really comes to the forefront. Let’s look at some of the essential men’s fall clothing styles in 2019 and how you can wear some of them yourself!

When It’s Cool But Not Cold, Add a Vest

Fleece vests are all the rage right now, and it’s no wonder why—they add a layer of warmth and comfort, not to mention textural contrast to just about anything you’re wearing underneath. For example, our Polar Fleece vest in pirate black uses 100% polyester construction for strength and durability, along with a tonal nylon collar for added resistance to wind. The result allows you to pop this vest on and have instant protection from the cool weather without having to completely change your wardrobe.

Bundle Up with a Quarter Zip

Quarter zips are in fashion now for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they’re both cozy convenient. It doesn’t hurt that they look good, either, especially when paired with all sorts of other fall/winter textures like plaid. Take our Stretch Jersey Quarter Zip in Olive/Dark Olive for example. Many people love this piece because it’s something stylish you can only wear when the leaves start changing color!

Once again, there’s a textural contrast to create an interesting, quilted chest and yoke area that ensures added protection and comfort where it’s most needed. This textural touch only enhances the style of the piece, giving it that element of rugged toughness that not every quarter zip has.

Get Ready for Winter with a Frosted Fleece

These days, it’s not unusual for men to wear plenty of texture, even on their featured piece. That’s why items like our Frosted Fleece Quarter Zip can make a great fashion statement. Men don’t always have to wear minimalistic, severe styles to feel up-to-date on the latest styles. Sometimes, confidence is about indulging in maximum comfort and not hiding that fact from the world.

This “frosted fleece” is made with 100% polyester, which is one of the top winter fabrics for its strength and capacity to handle the elements. But with the contrast interior collar, there’s more to like here than just the fabric choice. There are subtle features that merge style and comfort in ways that make this an unmistakably winter-appropriate item to wear. This is an outerwear item that’s not only great for the outdoors, but stylish enough for indoor occasions as well.

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These are just a few of the essential men’s fall clothing styles in 2019. There are plenty more to discover in our collection of items from Vintage 1946! Continue to browse our Outerwear Collection to find what’s “in” this fall and winter season. With our selection, you’ll experience both comfort and style that will last you through the cold!