6 Essential Hiking Clothes for Men

When it comes to hiking, there’s no such thing as bad weather--just bad clothing! You’ll learn that faster than ever if you tackle some popular trails in your area during the fall season. Fall hiking can be a lot of fun, and it’s oftentimes the best weather for the activity since the temperatures start cool and warm up during the day. So how do you dress for cool and warm weather at once? Let's break down some of the most essential hiking clothes for men in detail. Or, if you’re ready to start packing your bags, check out the Vintage 1946 collection of quality long-sleeve shirts, athletic pants, and more.

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1.      Hiking T-Shirts and Long-Sleeves

First things first; you need functional T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts with moisture-wicking potential. Why?

If you're going on a long or rough hike, you'll sweat sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is to feel sweaty and sticky all day long. But if you wear shirts made of moisture-wicking fabrics, you'll feel comfortable for the duration of your adventure.

As an added benefit, that sweat will still help to cool you down in the middle of the day, when temperatures tend to be warmest. Therefore, you should aim for T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts made of materials like cotton in the earlier days of fall when the temperatures are high and merino wool as the season starts to turn to winter.

2.      Layers, Layers, Layers

As a quick side note, remember the golden rule of dressing for hiking or any outdoor activities: always layer up rather than wearing one or two thick articles of clothing if possible.

For instance, on a fall hike, you should wear a long-sleeve or over shirt, then a T-shirt or tank top underneath. This way, you can strip one of your clothing layers off if you so choose, then put that layer back on when the temperature declines once again.

Layering is also a smart clothing strategy in the winter months when camping, hiking, skiing, etc.

3.      Hoodies

Depending on the temperature of your hike, you may also want a performance and lightweight hoodie. Hoodies are perfect for fall hikes whenever it cools down or when you need extra sun protection.

Even better, you can wear quality hoodies with stylish aesthetics or logos to up your fashion game simultaneously. In place of hoodies, you can always go with a micro fleece full zip shirt jacket from Vintage 1946.

4.      Rain Jacket

Planning on taking a hike in an area with lots of rainy weather? Don’t leave home without a rain jacket! A rain jacket will keep your clothes and skin warm and dry without being so heavy that your hike becomes harder than it should be. The best rain jackets, naturally, should also include good hoods.

5.      Hiking Joggers/Athletic Pants

Shorts aren’t the best clothing options when going on a hike. They expose too much skin to possible rashes, cuts, and other minor injuries during your journey.

Instead, you should opt for hiking joggers or athletic pants. Stay away from standard sweatpants; instead, go with stretch joggers made with modern fits and polyester spandex blends. These athletic pants will feel comfortable to the max while also retaining their durability for a long time to come. Vintage 1946 has some perfect choices for you to consider!

6.      Wool Socks

You can't forget about the smaller articles in your clothing collection. When it comes to hiking socks, nothing is better than socks made of merino wool. Merino wool socks are a little expensive, but they are well worth it since they work for cool and warm weather alike while also providing helpful cushioning for your feet as you walk around.

More importantly, merino wool socks will wick away moisture that your feet generate. That will help you avoid foot fungus and prevent your feet from sweating excessively during your hike: a major concern, especially during the middle of the day when temperatures are at their highest.

7.      Moisture-Wicking Underwear

By the same token, try to find moisture-wicking underwear made of a material like cotton or quick-dry synthetic fabrics. Moisture-wicking underwear will prevent chafing and reduce irritation, plus grant you plenty of gusset support as you climb the mountains on your trail.

Pack Your Bags & Go

We hope this list of essential hiking clothes for men helps you as you’re packing your bags! As you can see, what you wear can make a major impact on your comfort, hiking performance, and whether or not you have a stellar time. With the right clothes, any fall hike can be an enjoyable and energetic experience, especially with friends. Need some new hiking clothes ASAP? Check out Vintage 1946’s collection of quality long-sleeve shirts, athletic pants, and more.

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