6 Essential Beach Clothes for Men

Summer weather means it’s time to hit the beach, and if you want to make the most of it, you need to dress for the weather (and the water). Read on to find six essential beach clothes for men. Or, if you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, shop the Vintage 1946 Spring Collection, below!

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1.      Tank Tops

You’ll need some good upper wear options unless you want to go shirtless (definitely an advantage if you have the physique to back it up). If you want to spare your chest from harmful UV radiation, tank tops are great choices.

Tank tops are flexible, comfortable, and breathable. allow you to enjoy the sea breeze by covering as little skin as possible while still counting as tops. Plus, you can wear tank tops to local stores and restaurants near the beach without incurring the displeasure of an owner or employee.

2.      T-Shirts

T-shirts serve the same purpose as tank tops, though they cover a little bit more skin. Regardless, you can wear plain colored T-shirts to the beach or graphic tee shirts, depending on your preferences.

T-shirts are great beach clothes since they tend to be relatively loose and breezy. That means you won’t likely sweat too much underneath. They pair well with swim trunks or other shorts as well.

3.      Sport Shorts

But you also need to consider clothing aside from upper wear when you prep for a beach trip. That means wearing comfortable, versatile shorts that can handle any adventure you have in mind.

Vintage 1946’s sport shorts are great options for a variety of reasons. For starters, they are made with a stretchy yet quick-drying fabric. This hybrid material is perfect for playing volleyball on the beach or soaking up some sun or heading into the water for a swimming competition with your friends.

Even better, these sport shorts are super comfortable thanks to their elastic waists. They feature zippered rear and side pockets so you can store your things securely. Why not try out a pair of sport shorts today? They’re available in a variety of different sizes and colors.

4.      Gurkha Hybrid Shorts

Alternatively, you might be interested in Gurkha hybrid shorts. Gurkha hybrid shorts are a little longer than standard sport or beach shorts, with 9-inch inseams. However, these are also made with the same stretchy, quick-drying fabric that the above short sports feature.

The advantage? These truly hybrid shorts can be worn to a movie theater or restaurant just as well as they can be worn to the beach or in the water for aquatic adventures. In other words, you can slip on a pair of Gurkha hybrid shorts from Vintage 1946 and be ready for anything that the day throws at you – even a jump (or fall) in the pool!

These shorts feature durable micrography weaves for added longevity, plus gusseted crotches for even more functional movement. When you don't know what the day holds, Gurkha hybrid shorts are the legwear you need!

5.      Shades and Accessories

Your primary clothes aren't the only things you'll wear on your next beach visit. You'll also want to pack a few accessories, like:

  • Make no mistake, your eyes will get pretty tired without shades protecting them throughout the day
  • Even if you have tan skin, a little sunscreen goes a long way toward preventing skin cancer
  • Good shoes or sandals. Ideally, you need shoes that give you adequate traction in the sand without covering your feet too much and heating them up

Consider what accessories would go well with the rest of your beach ensemble and you’ll look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

6.      Comfortable Joggers

Do you like to take scenic and invigorating jogs on the beach? Rather than shorts, you might be more comfortable with quality joggers from Vintage 1946. Our stretch joggers are designed with a modern, loose fit with an 88% polyester and 12% spandex blend.

The joggers are comfortable, functional, and durable so they should last you for a long time to come, even with regular jogging and sweating. Check out the different colors and sizes for our joggers today!

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We hope this list of essential beach clothes helps you plan your next trip! Rest assured that you look stylish and feel comfortable with items from Vintage 1946’s Spring 2022 collection. Check out the rest of the pieces in the collection and upgrade your style today.

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