How to Dress Up Men's Jeans

Men’s jeans are a sort of blank slate—a canvas upon which you can make an outfit look any way you want. Wearing jeans can be casual, smart, or even dressed up far more than you might ever imagine. But none of this matters unless you know how to do it. With that in mind, take a look at exactly how to dress up men’s jeans the right way.

Base Your Outfit on the Shoes You Wear

When you wear sneakers with jeans, it can be a fine look—but it’s not going to be that smart, “dressed up” look you’re after. To dress up jeans, start with the bottom and work your way up. Choose men’s shoes that elevate your outfit beyond the usual T-shirt-and-jeans look:

  • Oxford shoes. This style of dress shoe includes cap toes, wingtips, and more. Cap toe oxfords make a great pairing with jeans.
  • Loafers. These are typically perceived as a casual option, but there’s no reason you can’t dress up jeans with them if you also wear a jacket and an eye-catching pair of socks.
  • Chukka boots. This option makes for a great pairing with jeans—these shoes will give you enough formality to dress up the jeans, while still matching their rugged look.

Wear a Shirt with a Collar

The T-shirt and jeans combination might be timeless, but if you want to dress the outfit up, go for a shirt with a collar. Even a casual option like our Stretch Canvas Woven shirt in Fatigue Green is an elevation above the T-shirt and jeans look.

Wearing a shirt with a collar also opens other options for dressing up your jeans. You can tuck in this shirt with a nice leather belt for a complete look. You can pair it with a dressier shoe; going with sneakers could work, but might seem a little out of context in this instance. Elevate your tops by wearing a shirt with a collar to ensure that the rest of your outfit suits the dressier style you’re going for.

Add a Layer of Texture

Since jeans serve as such a great canvas, don’t be afraid to try different textures as you dress up your casual outfits. Even something as simple as a Drop Needle Quarter Zip adds a visual element that you can’t necessarily get out of a T-shirt or a long-sleeve tee. This addition makes your outfit look more appropriate for a restaurant, especially when paired with a decent pair of Chukka boots.

Dress Up Your Jeans with Vintage 1946 Apparel!

Knowing how to dress up mean’s jeans doesn’t necessarily entail wearing a suit jacket and tie. It can be something you do in the subtle choices, such as selecting a different kind of shoe, or swapping your shirt. Browse the shirts at Vintage 1946 to discover numerous options that will help you dress up your jeans into something more than the casual weekday look.