Four Essential Items For A Classic Men’s Wardrobe

You want to add some “basics” to your wardrobe, but when it comes to defining your individual sense of style, you don’t know where to start. Enter the idea of the classic men’s wardrobe. At Vintage 1946, our items are inspired by a classic-meets-modern look that infuses America’s vintage roots with the trends of today. If you want to remake your wardrobe, here’s what you need to know.

Defining Classic Men’s Style

America is large enough that no matter where you go, you’ll find a different answer for what “classic American” is. Here at Vintage 1946, we express American classics through the following styles:

  • Military fatigue and military-influenced style. Military Twill, for example, has its roots in uniforms that were designed to stay cool even in warm environments.
  • Southern style. Our Charleston, SC roots can be found in our classic vintage Twill pants, which come in an array of colors that blend both “classic” style with modern influences.

But there’s more to building a classic men’s wardrobe. You need items that provide true versatility—otherwise, you’ll tend to pick one outfit that works and repeat it again and again. That’s hardly a wardrobe.

Classic Men's Fashion Recommendations

Here are some of our best items for creating a classic men’s style.

Charleston Brick Khakis

These classic twill pants are versatile and show off the southern roots of Vintage 1946’s designs without isolating itself to one particular region. These pants have a knack for fitting in anywhere you go. Even though they feature a “southern gentleman” influence, their classic style is appropriate for anywhere you go!

Gingham Navy Woven Shirt

Gingham has become one of the most ubiquitous patterns out there—and for good reason. It’s sharp and modern without going so far off the rails of being too “trendy.” That makes our Gingham Navy Woven Shirt a timeless option for any classic men’s wardrobe. Gingham is also great for providing some contrast during the cooler seasons, as you layer up with sweaters and sweatshirts. Consider it an “all-season” investment.

Seersucker Shorts

Seersucker shorts have the unique benefit of keeping you cool in the summer and pairing great with spring and fall options as well. Come autumn, you can wear a sweatshirt up top to stay warm before winter hits. In warmer climates, they’ll last all year long. Seersucker’s 100% cotton makeup offers plenty of comfort in any season. And the subtle check or stripe patterns are a nice departure from the usual color-block look of most shorts.

Military Twill Trim Fit Fatigue

Earlier on, we mentioned that military twill is one of the fabrics that infuses a classic American men’s style. But the pants should look as modern as anything else in your wardrobe. This Military Twill Trim Fit Fatigue pant is a great way to incorporate both into your wardrobe. The heavy-duty cotton is breathable, but substantial enough for the cooler seasons. And the subtle military style is a great fashion callback to the early influences of the classic American style.