Essential Clothing Items For Classic Men’s Style

You know what look you want: classic men’s style. Vintage clothing like pants, shorts, and woven shirts are right up your alley. But where do you start? What kinds of items are essential to have if you’re going to build a wardrobe from scratch? We have a few ideas.

Pants & Shorts

Let’s build your classic men’s style wardrobe from the bottom up. Here’s what you need to keep your legs covered:

  • A classic pair of khaki pants. Khaki pants represent the ideal medium between casual denim and dress-up suits. We recommend the Vintage 1946 Classic Vintage Twill khakis. Why? Because it has a nice, light color that will blend well with just about anything else you have. A classic brown belt is a nice choice for an accessory here. Dress these khakis up with a blazer or down with a polo.
  • Classic shorts. Which color? The choice is up to you. Our Classic Vintage Twill 7” Shorts are perfect for warmer weather. We recommend picking up two or more to round out your wardrobe with some great colors. You can wear these with a belt and a button-down shirt during the summer for a dressed-up look. You can even pair them with a T-shirt when you need to dress down and stay comfortable.
  • Something for cooler weather. It’s not always going to be a shorts-and-sockless day outside. Check out our Stretch Corduroy to round out this section of your wardrobe. They’re great for autumn and winter, not to mention early spring. Depending on where you live, they might just suit you year round.

A white pair of sneakers and a dressy pair of oxford shoes will go well with any of these options. Boat shoes are an additional consideration for the summer, while heavier boots will do for winter. Pair that with one black belt and one brown one, and you’ve got the makings of a full classic men’s style wardrobe already.

Shirts & Sweaters

Now that you’ve laid the foundation for your wardrobe, let’s “top” it off with the best shirts and sweaters you can find. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A polo shirt. Something simple like our Navy Polo Shirt is a great choice, thanks to its versatility. Think of polo shirts as an upscale version of the ordinary T-shirt: they’re casual enough to wear every day, but stylish enough to wear out.
  • Quarter zips. When the temperature gets cooler, you’ll need an extra layer to stay comfortable. A quarter zip with a solid color like Light Grey makes it easy to pop on a shirt with a nice pair of trousers and head outdoors, looking your best.
  • A button-down. Our Oxford Washed Navy Gingham shirt is perfect as a feature shirt or for layering underneath a quarter zip.

As for accessories, keep it minimal. A simple watch will round off your look just fine.

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Armed with these clothes in your wardrobe, there will be no limit to the mixing and matching you can do in any season. But if you want even more class men’s style combinations down the line, be sure to shop all of the vintage-inspired collections here at Vintage 1946.