How To Buy Vintage Clothing Online - What Most Stores Don't Tell You About Fit

We’re not saying they’re lying to you. But when it comes to most stores, the idea of a proper fit is immaterial. They just want you to buy their clothes and get out. The truth about clothes: they look best when they fit you specifically. And when they fit like a glove, you’ll have more confidence while also feeling your best physically. That means knowing more than a single number. To buy vintage clothing online, you need to know what most stores won’t tell you about the proper fit.

Pants Should Just Strike The Top Of The Shoe

It’s tempting to buy pants that are very long. However, long pants will go down to your shoe and sometimes get caught, exposing the bottom of your pants to dirt and grime. But if your pants fit properly, they won’t get ruined so easily—in fact, they’ll last a long time. We offer complimentary hemming here at Vintage 1946 because we want your pants to last you a long time.

You Shouldn’t Need A Belt

You should also know the size of your inseam if you’re going to get the fit right the first time. Combined with the size of the waist, this might be the most important number in your tailor’s toolkit. Measure the best-fitting pants you have to get an idea of which inseam you should enter in when you buy a pair of trousers like our Stretch Twill.

It’s tempting for online retailers to offer you trouser and belt combinations. And the belt is indeed one of the best and most versatile accessories in the vintage man’s wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean you should need a belt to make the pants fit. If you so, it’s possible the pants don’t fit at all—and you need to bring the waist a size down. When trying on your pants for the first time, walk around a bit to make sure they don’t start falling. Make sure you do this without a belt to get a feel for the true fit of the waist here.

“Vanity Sizing” Is Real

Speaking of waist sizes, did you know that many brands will offer “vanity sizing” to make their clothes more flattering to the consumer? It’s a real strategy. Rather than tell you the honest size of their waistband, they’ll bring the numbers down so that you can feel like your waist still fits the old numbers you might be used to.

But a good fit is about accuracy, not flattery. If you know your numbers, you’ll know exactly which trousers you can buy online—and which brands you should better avoid because they won’t tell you the truth about their online size. 






Look For The Best to Buy Vintage Clothes Online 

If you’re looking for a quality fit out of your vintage clothing, make sure to work with a company that tells you exactly what to expect. Our Vintage Pants, for example, allow you to enter in your numbers so you can have the precise fit you need—every time. For the best place to buy vintage clothes online, shop Vintage 1946 today.