Breathable Golf Polos for Summer

Summer is a fantastic season for golf. There’s plenty of daylight so you can be sure to fit in a game or two. However, that same summer weather can become too hot and humid for comfort. Since golf attire features long pants and the occasional cap, you need a breathable polo to comfortable so you can complete your game and impress your buds.

Here’s what to look for in the best breathable golf polos for summer.

Why Do Breathable Polos Matter for Your Golf Game?

Simply put, your polo shirt affects your performance!

Golf may not have as crucial a uniform as other sports, but the uniform still matters. You have to wear pants that are flexible enough to let you twist at the waist so you can drive the ball down the golf course effectively and powerfully.

The same is true for your chosen golf polo. The right polo shirt:

  • Allows you to move nimbly and flexibly when needed
  • Will be comfortable so you don’t get too hot or itchy while on the golf course

If you wear a subpar golf polo, you’ll be uncomfortable throughout the experience, your swing simply won’t be as good, and you might be forced to quit the field if you overheat in the hot summer sun.

Key Elements of Breathable Golf Polos and Clothes

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to consider the most important elements of breathable golf polos and other clothes.

  • Material. Good golf polos should be made of flexible, comfortable materials. Many of the best golf polos are made from special material or fabric blends, which may include different materials to ensure ultimate flexibility and durability without compromising on comfort
  • Weight. Again, good golf polo shirts should be fairly lightweight so they don’t weigh you down, become too hot, or restrict your movement unnecessarily
  • Style. You can’t forget looking good while on the golf course! Ideally, you’ll find a comfortable golf polo that comes in a classic, masculine color and that looks good with your chosen golf trousers and shoes. Match it to your hat for even more aesthetic excellence

Luckily, there are many breathable, comfortable golf polos and other clothes to choose from. Companies like Vintage 1946 offer a variety of breathable, flexible clothes for golfers, gym goers, and men who are fans of any other outdoor activity.

V1946's Breathable Performance Golf Polo

Need an easy example of the elements and principles above? Vintage 1946 has the perfect breathable, performance golf polo for you and your friends.

Our Performance Textured Golf Polo is a one-of-a-kind shirt perfect for golf aficionados, pro players, and casual fans of the sport alike. It’s available in three distinct colors, ranging from charcoal to cloud blue and turq black, plus several sizes so you can find the right shirt for your body type.

Every shirt is made with a breathable and lightweight performance material. This material is comprised of 69% polyester, 21% rayon, and 10% spandex. The 10% spandex helps keep the material stretchy and flexible. This allows full body movement when you go for deep shots down the field.

More importantly, this shirt is made with a moisture-wicking and comfortable material from start to finish. It's perfect for longer golf games where you might otherwise be worried about chafing or irritation around your neck, shoulders, and midsection. The shirt features a nonrestrictive, modern fit: perfect for swinging and maintaining comfortable movement throughout your game or walk to and from the golf course.

Our performance polo is no slouch when it comes to style, either. Our polo comes in a modern fit and features three buttons to allow flexibility on how open the collar is. Ultimately, this polo shirt is a perfect choice for golf fans and men who plan to do any outdoor activities in the hottest summer months.

Consider trying Vintage 1946’s Performance Textured Golf Polo today and let us know what you think!