Best Waterproof Outdoor Boots

Footwear plays a key role in any wardrobe. Just like with pants and shirts, it’s important to pick shoes that are both fashionable and functional. You want shoes that look good with the rest of the items you’ve chosen for the day, and you also want to make sure those shoes are going to handle whatever conditions they happen to encounter.

But how do you pick the right waterproof outdoor boots that will meet your style goals while keeping you high and dry? We’ll explore how to choose the right outdoor boots and how to wear them.

The Best Features of Outdoor Boots

First, we want to think about how you need these boots to function – and that’s going to come down largely to what you plan to do while wearing them. Are you going to be regularly encountering significantly wet, muddy terrain? Or will you be in the city streets, just trying to keep your feet dry? These are two different use cases, and they will point you in the direction of different types of boots.

Depending on your needs, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • This is a big key to consider in the shopping process. Some boots will take the same general shape as a tennis shoe, coming up only to your ankles. Other boots go well up into your calf, or even all the way up below your knee. For light-duty use, ankle-high boots should be just fine, while you’ll want to look for longer ones if you are going to deal with tougher terrain.
  • Any boot that is marketed as a “waterproof” boot should do a good job of keeping the moisture out, but they are not all the same in terms of warmth. For colder climates, look for something with a lot of insulation for those cold winter mornings and evenings. In a warmer area, a lightweight boot that still provides water protection will be suitable.
  • Look at the sole of any boots you are considering and make sure they’ll provide enough traction for your travels. Again here, there is a difference between spending your days on pavement and in the woods. An aggressive tread pattern is helpful on loose ground, but it won’t matter much on asphalt.

Style Considerations


Once you know what you are looking for in terms of features like height and warmth, you can narrow down your options and start to zero in on a pair or two that will look perfect in your wardrobe. Generally speaking, boots in neutral colors will pair with a wider range of outfits. Black boots are particularly popular simply because they go with so many different garments. For example, wear black boots with a pair of our Stretch Corduroy pants and you’ll have a clean, sharp look.  Our corduroy pants come in a variety of colors, such as marine, British tan, and charcoal. Brown boots can be quite useful, as well, so it’s worth thinking about having at least one pair in each main color.

Quality Material

Beyond color, the other main style consideration is the material used to make your boots. For a natural look, go with leather. Good leather boots offer reliable performance and their appearance is timeless. Of course, many modern boots are made with synthetic materials, and while they lack something that is provided by leather versions, they do tend to perform quite well. Just as with color options, you may want to have material options at your disposal, so you can go with leather or synthetic on any given day depending on what else you are wearing.

Find Your Favorite Outdoor Outfit

Finding a pair of waterproof outdoor boots will help you navigate hiking trails and V1946 is here to help style your adventures. Explore our wide selection of shirts and outerwear or take a look at the new arrivals for spring.