Best Men's Summer Shorts Colors

Want to spend money upgrading your summer wardrobe, but aren’t sure where you’ll get the most bang for your buck? Then it’s time to consider the most useful, versatile, and classic summer shorts colors. When you pick from the colors and featured shorts selections below, you’ll have endless options for enjoying a summer full of great clothes, great outfits, and plenty of comfort!


Call it white, call it stone, call it whatever you like—when the heat’s truly on, the cooling effect of light-colored shorts is unmistakable. But choosing to wear white is more than just a practical decision. There’s also a rule of thumb in fashion not to wear white too prominently after Labor Day—which means that there’s no time like the summer to get your fill of light, breezy shorts.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t always have to go for pure white. A pair of light gray shorts like these Hybrid Shorts can give you another great color option while still remaining cool.

Red, Salmon, or Charleston Brick

A bold red color is great for the summer, especially around the time of the Fourth of July. But there’s plenty of wiggle room here as well. A lighter version of red—sometimes known as “salmon” or “Charleston Brick”—makes for a summer-friendly option that will pair well with just about any other color in your wardrobe.

Have a look at our Classic Vintage Twill shorts in Charleston Brick and imagine what styles of shirts might pair with it. The truth is, the possibilities are endless. Navy, khaki, white, light blue, and pastel colors all tend to pair well with red, giving your outfit a unique flavor without straying too far from the summer theme.


Admit it: you’re not going to wear a lot of aqua during the winter. That’s why Aqua is especially suited for summer. It evokes feelings of pool parties, trips to the beach, and vacationing near the ocean. Our Stretch Snappers in Aqua are a prime example of the possibilities of this unique color. They’re simple without losing any of their summer sense of fun. And thanks to the short cut, they’re as breathable as any pair of shorts you’re going to find this summer.

Our Caribbean Stretch Snappers are another great option that evoke the feeling of “aqua” with a unique Caribbean flavor that’s great for summer vacations!


Orange is a surprisingly universal color. You can wear it in autumn, spring, and winter if you know which other colors you should pair with it. But how often do you get to wear orange as a feature color? Summer’s the best time for that. Orange is a surprisingly light and cool color, despite its season versatility. OurStretch Snappers in Orange are a testament to how appealing the color can be.

More Great Shorts From Vintage 1946

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to one color. Browse our Patch Madras shorts to incorporate all sorts of colors into one pair of shorts, or keep browsing our full shorts collection to find a unique color that suits your needs this summer!