Best Men's Golf Shorts: What To Look For

When we say “golf shorts,” you already know what to picture: a dressy pair of khaki-type shorts with belt loops. But what about the best golf shorts? There’s far more to a good pair shorts than just looking the part, after all. Here’s what to look for.

An Example From Vintage 1946

To give you an idea of what to look for in the best men’s golf shorts, take a look at the High Performance Shorts from Vintage 1946. These shorts offer the perfect combination of style and performance, so you’ll be ready to hit the back nine any time.

Key Features

  • Clean, Semi-Dress Style
  • Many Color Options
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • 9" Inseam
  • Mesh Pockets

Now that you have a good image in mind, let’s take a closer look at what to look for in the best golf shorts.

They Should Be Practical

A good pair of khaki dress shorts might look the part for the golf course, but is it always the best choice?

Consider what any old pair of dress shorts might lack. The first: accessible mesh pockets for retrieving balls and tees, forcing you to dig and twist to get the tees that fell to the bottom corner of your pocket. You also need stretchable fabric that gives you freedom of motion on your backswing.

A pair of shorts like Gurkha Hybrid Shorts in Red delivers all the practicality you’ll need for the golf course without sacrificing on strength or appearance. The mesh interior pockets will grab on to your golfing accessories, and the polyester-spandex fabric blend will give you flexibility that lasts all day.

They Should Be Durable Enough for 18 Holes

“Durability” is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot, but few clothing manufacturers will tell you what it means—or how to look for it.

In the case of high performance shorts, durability comes from the quality and construction of the fabric. Polyester is a breathable, strong material that can withstand 18 holes and stand up to repeated washing.

High performance shorts, like these Hybrid Shorts in Light Grey, also come with viscose, a semi-synthetic fabric that’s breathable and luxurious without adding too much to the cost. The result is a strong pair of shorts that doesn’t sacrifice feel or comfort.

They Should Look the Part

Going golfing isn’t like going to the gym. You also have to look the part. That usually means belt loops, even if you aren’t wearing a belt. Wearing a pair of sweat shorts might be ideal for comfort and strength, but if you’re going to feel self-conscious and out of place at the golf course, it’s not ideal for your next outing.

Consider our Hybrid Short in Blue/Green. Here you’ll find a clean, sleek pair of shorts without cargo pockets—also a big no-no on most golf courses—as well as a button in the front and belt loops around the waist. It has everything you need to look the part in style. Plus, the hybrid polyester-viscose-spandex fabric is deceptively comfortable and stretchy. It provides you with the strength and comfort you’d need at the gym—with a look that’s appropriate for the links.

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